Fake Tans

Reporter: Sophie Hull

There's a fine line between golden brown and embarrassing orange -- supermarket and pharmacy shelves are packed with creams and spray ons, with prices varying by as much as $40.00.

So we put the leading brands to the test, with the help of some beauticians. Ease of application, scent and appearance were noted, the products applied to one leg only and allowed to settle for three hours before final judging.

There were a few surprises, especially with the Priceline Product. " It was one of the cheapest and it kind of went on a bit funny at the start but the colour is actually quite natural and it looks really nice on", said Tracey.

Beautician Dixie Holden was similarly impressed with the Ambre Solair and Banana Boat products, but the Model Co didn't fair so well. "It was really quite terrible. It's got a green colour to it which isn't very appealing. It dribbles out of the can and it just didn't go on evenly whatsoever. It was really quite bad, I had to rub it in a little bit but not a very nice colour", Dixie said.

At $52 the high priced Jan Mirini was the most expensive product on trail, but it too failed to impress. "It's actually got glycolic in it so there was a bit of reaction with the skin. I'd recommend it for someone who is a lot older, just because you get a lot of dead skin build up and things like that on your skin", our beautician said.

The Ella Bache product didn't win fans either. "It took a lot of time to work it into the skin, it's a lot of hard to work to use, it's not an easy product to use. It just looks very unnatural I think, especially if you look around the knee area and the feet area", Dixie said.

The Clarins product also didn't impress our candidates, but it was a different story with Shiseido. "It was very natural looking, very easy to apply and it's actually a very nice colour as well. It's very natural looking so that's probably the one I thought was the best out of these", Dixie said.

"Don't worry about how much it costs because that has got nothing to do with it -- just make sure its easy to apply and that's really it", Dixie said.