Boss Hate

Reporter: Graeme Butler

Hate your boss? - Well chances are your boss hates you too or at least a lot of things you research has revealed what bosses hate the most. Natalia Joseph is a boss and owner of image power Australia an office etiquette company - she says lateness is a universal hate for bosses, "because you set your day out you know what you're going to be doing and then they turn up late and that's a problem"

"We had a guy who used to take time off every now and again just take a day off and he always come in with a new hair cut the next day but apparently he'd been sick but not so sick he couldn't have a hair cut" John Carson is boss of marketing company Linc he employs around 55 people and certainly doesn't hate his staff - but there's still a hint of grumpy old men lurking when it comes to the "sickie" "It always amuses me how when they take time off it's always Friday or Monday I mean if I go back through our records over the years there are very few Tuesday Wednesday Thursdays taken off so why is it that sickness always hits us hard on a Monday or a Friday"

Lack of initiative also sends bosses blood pressure soaring - staff who can't make simple decisions without running everything by the boss but bosses are fickle creatures - staff who show too much initiative and ignore instructions don't win brownie points either, but bosses be warned - the cold shoulder does little to inspire staff to do better.

These days Tarnia Bothe works as Natalie Joseph's P.A but she says she's had some shocking bosses in the past, "I think it's mainly because they're power tripping like they just abuse the power they have they just enjoy knowing that they've got control over people" Tracey Apps has seen it from both sides - she now works for Lotterywest but she's also been a boss, "I can understand from the employers point of view and my supervisors point of view reasons that they may bet angry and what sort of gets on their nerves so I always make sure I'm punctual of course"

So what else ticks bosses off - what can you do to REALLY get under their skin? Well you could try bitching and whining or being disloyal. "Disloyalty is confidentiality it's to do with the fact that you'll rubbish your boss behind their back rather than going to them and saying look I don't like the way I'm being treated it's just complaining basically just complaining all the time"

The other big complaint from bosses is staff who couldn't lie straight in bed - those that would tell a fib rather than admit a mistake. "Occasionally you will get people who are just liars and they just lie about everything usually you pick that up within a few months and the relationship doesn't work because it can't you can never tell when they're telling the truth or telling a lie" but harmony in the workplace is a two way street and the report card for bosses reads " could do better " and many don't like hearing it.