Poison Perfumes

Reporter: Frank Pangallo

They're cheap...but rather nasty......yet most of us would have no idea what's in them. Peter Taubert says "with fragrances...all they have to say on side is fragrance..Because might be 600 or 5000 chemicals that make up that fragrance you can't fit that on label"

Bargain-basement perfumes and fragrances.. Mostly made in china...are big sellers at markets..Shopping centres...and royal shows around the country.. Where we bought a bagful for just 20 dollars...

But SA author Peter Taubert, a mild asthmatic who lectures on the dangerous chemicals we consume and come into contact almost every day..Warns that almost all fragrances ..From cosmetics to household products... Are toxic cocktails.

the most common ingredients are ethyl alcohol and tolulene...both petrochemicals.. Which can trigger a raft of serious ailments. Peter says our regulators simply aren't tough enough.

Bottles we bought also contained various colors or dyes made from toxic chemicals...again a cause for health concerns..lab analysis we carried out showed there's a distinct difference in quality between brand fragrances which can contain up to 200 compounds and oils...shown by constant peaks...and the cheapies.. With fewer ingredients.

Not that people were being able to smell the difference when we gave them a whiff of three men's fragrances...an expensive brand..Beyond paradise..and two very cheap substitutes.. Alan Rodgers runs perfume dot com...An internet-based warehouse direct business which sells fragrances at discount prices.

Going by Alan's prices..It appears you may be may be paying far too much for that favorite Parisienne scent. We found astonishingly huge differences in women's and men's fragrances when we compared Alan's prices with those at Myer..David Jones and a leading pharmacy....

But if Peter Taubert ever has his way...wearing perfumes and after shaves to work and in public would be banned...like it has in parts of Canada.