Fashion fakes the new trend

Reporter: Laticia Gibson

Designer looks are now not just for celebrities as affordable versions are now available straight after the award shows. Before a celebrity even makes it inside the building for a big event these days what they're wearing is being re-constructed half a world away. Everyone wants the red carpet look for less, with designer copies at less than a twentieth the original cost.

Fashion fakes are now an industry which is supported by the use of digital cameras, email and dress makers working at a fast pace. Only hours after the stars strutted on the Emmy Awards' red carpet last week, copies of the outfits they wore were available online. Editor of Instyle Magazine, Nicky Briger, believes the red carpet is the new runway. "You can literally get online and look at what they want and order it that afternoon for $300 so that is the appeal," Ms Brider said.

Online stores like have advertised lookalikes for a fraction of the cost. Looking nothing like her Ugly Betty character, America Ferra's royal blue stunner cost $6500. You can get the online replica for under $400. Grey's Anatomy's Katherine Heigl looked angelic in this white gown for a whopping $14 000. Online you could buy 25 lookalikes at just $548 and still have change.But not all the bargains are online. If you still want more for less then 26-year old Kate Pears can answers your wardrobe worries.

Ms Pears runs a monthly function at Melbourne's Croft Institute called My Sister's Wardrobe. "The idea is people bring clothes they don't wear but they think they're of value and they exchange them for those that they will," Ms Pears said."I do have a lot of clothes that i don't wear that just sit there I can't really part with, i find it easier to give to something like this than totally get rid of it."

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