Jane McGrath

Reporter: Anna Coren

For the first time in 14 years, Jane McGrath has her husband to herself. She isn't letting him rest and has no trouble attracting an A-list. A boob tube auction, each boob tube designed by a celebrity to raise money for trained breast care nurses, Jane McGrath only too aware of their critical role in recovery.

Anna Coren interview Jane and Glenn McGrath."It wasn't until it came back in 2003 that I went to have treatment and I was introduced to my breast care nurse, I thought wow this is great and it was a familiar face every time I went for treatment, chemo and radiotherapy and things and if I was feeling unsure about something or worried at home I could give them a call and they would answer my questions" says Jane.

We know Jane had breast cancer. Then a secondary outbreak in her hip. What we didn't know was that its only been months since it spread again, a brain tumour doctors decided was inoperable.

"I had an MRI and it revealed the tumour which was impinging on my visual cortex and affecting my vision, the swelling around it was so I just said to them {Jane's children] that mummy's eyes are blurry and I can't see properly and I am going to have an operation to fix it... I didn't want them to worry about the word cancer and peoples perceptions of that word" explains Jane.

Glenn, how did you react when you found out the cancer was back?

"I think sometimes the more you know the scarier it is. In 2003 when Jane rang me I was down in Melbourne was preparing for a game and Jane said she was going to get a scan and told me everything was going to be fine and not to worry and I remember going to sleep thinking everything was going to be fine I woke up at 11 o'clock that night, I looked at the clock and I just knew that I would be going home in the morning" said Glenn.

Jane adds: "It was really scary I was worried I might lose my sight it was frightening especially with it being in my head I hated that I thought we'll you could have radiotherapy but it is still going to be sitting there and I didn't want that so through Steve Waugh we met Charlie Teo and he was amazing and before I knew it I was booked in for surgery and it was out he got it out, he got it out ... this is what I mean by being lucky... I am so lucky."

It's amazing that you say you're lucky when you have cancer three times.

"But I am still here so that's lucky, yeah I am, I am. I try not to be frightened by it anymore you've just got to face your fears, deal with them and watch them melt away" says Jane.

Jane can you tell me about that time back in 1997 when you were first diagnosed with cancer?

"That was the worst time because it was such a shock I was only 31 years old and I think women under 40 are lead to believe breast cancer isn't going to happen to them that it's a disease that only affects older women so I was totally expect it not to be me at 31. I had met Glenn we were so happy then bang the bubble burst."

There is that misconception isn't there that it is an older women's disease and it's not going to hit me?

"Yeah I just thought I was way too young at 31 and Belinda was 24 when she was diagnosed."

Does it scare you when you see someone like Belinda who is so close to you fight something so hard?

"It's not just Belinda, I have lost so many young friends to breast cancer and that's why we are sitting here today and that's why we started the foundation to try and make a difference to young women. Be breast aware, check your breasts every month, same day every month and that way you're going to be onto any differences and your partner, men love breasts, have a real good look at them you could save a life."

What are your dreams, what is the future for Jane and Glenn McGrath?

"I just want to grow old with him that's all I want." "She must be crazy" says Glenn.

"That's all I want to grow old with him and see the kids grow old and have their lives and see the kids they grow up to be that's all I want simple Glenn yeah just be happy, happy together."

The great news is Jane McGrath is now in remission. As well as raising awareness Jane is determined to make sure that women younger than 40 will be able to be screened for breast cancer.

If you would like to make a donation to the McGrath Foundation visit: www.mcgrathfoundation.com.au