AFL Monopoly

Reporter: Graeme Butler

Running an AFL club is a bit like a game of monopoly - now Monopoly is a bit like the AFL, Dockers star Heath Black made the team on the new Dockers version of the age old game - West Coast legend Glen Jackovich is in the line-up on the Eagles game. Glen says "to have a footy monopoly board and see your face on there I think it's pretty special especially on the rich street I'm happy with that I'm a battler from down here where I started I've ended up on the green"

There's only 4000 of each game - the REAL money raised will help telethon - for the training session Dockers fan Lorenzo and Eagles Fan Braydyn, patients at PMH took on the AFL stars. Lorenzo says "it's my favourite team and just to see some of my favourite players on the board is spectacular and just to play with Heath one of my heroes is just a fantastic experience" Braydyn says "I prefer this version of monopoly than the other one - why is that? it's just a different I think this is more fun you can buy players instead of property and stuff"

Mayfair and Parklane are now the new homes of John Worsfold and Chris Judd - on the Dockers board you'll find Matthew Pavolich and Peter Bell - Jacko and Heath both managed Green Addresses.

The board game goes on sale Friday 31/08/07 for $79.95.

Both are available at Super Cheap Autos

The West Coast edition will also be available at Retravision

The sale of the boards supports Telethon.