Ecezma Cream

Reporter: Rebecca Bergh

As a child Geoff Graham was one of the worst reported cases of eczema the Melbourne Childrens Hospital had ever seen. Now the father has turned his painful disease into relief for hundreds of others and a multi million dollar business.. that quite literally began in his kitchen.

"We borrowed Geoff's mum's mix master that was about 30 years old and we started putting the ingredients in and mixing it up and getting consistency and seeing how it would soak into the skin well" explains Shannon.

It started as a labour of love. "When I first seen the rash appearing on Ryans skin I was devastated. I was thinking I've passed on genes to him but and thats when I knew I had to do something to help him" says Geoff.

They tried every natural product that Geoff had ever had any success with on his own eczema. Eventually they settled on a combination of medical honey, Emu Oil and other natural ingredients and called it Calendulis Plus.

"Once we knew it worked on Ryan we handed it out to friends and family and we got good feedback and we thought well maybe we're on a winner here" said Geoff. They were. After fine tuning the product and releasing it to the public, the testimonials began to roll in. From satisfied customers like Tracy Zygnersky. Her son Mitchell suffered from eczema from four months of age.

"We've sort of not looked back. As soon as it comes we basically just lather him up and off he goes" says Tracy. "Thanks to Geoff and Shannon for giving us a saving grace, it was good." Chef Paul Collins also suffered from eczema as a child. "My eczema was one of the top 3 cases in England, I was told by a specialist in the field so you can imagine how bad it was, out of 11 million people." But where many people grow out of the condition, Paul didn't. He only found relief with Calendulis Plus.

"It was magic, its wonderful." Sentiments echoed by Gold Coast mechanic Nathan Proudlock. Three months ago Nathans hands were as he describes them; 'just a raised sort of puffy sort of um aggressive little rash that started off small and then just took off down my arm.' Prescription creams and natural remedies did nothing to help. Nathan's hands were in constant pain.

"It got to the point where I was ready to throw in me job and give up mechanics altogether." Until a chemist suggested Geoff graham's cream. "Instantly I felt relief within about two days it sort of stopped the burning and stopped the itching and then after that it continued to break it down and slowly it moved back into portions rather than being as a whole mass" says Nathan. Now its gone altogether.

"I feel proud of them for helping other people and me, around the world" says Ryan. Ryan might have been the catalyst for the dream but this seven-year journey has become so much more than finding relief for Ryan. It's the Graham's passion and a successful multi-million dollar business to boot. "We're on a global scale now. We export to 7 countries and want to take it around the world. And the best feeling is its helping a lot of people overcome eczema and psoriasis" says Geoff.

Gold Coast teenager Taylor Smith is one such person, afflicted with eczema on both his feet. Taylor used the cream for just a few days before he noticed a marked improvement.

There are now nine products in the Graham's range. And while its success has been beyond their wildest dreams, they're quick to point out it won't work for everyone. "All I can suggest is give it a go, we've had great success over the last seven years" says Geoff.

For more information on the Calendulis products visit or phone them on (07) 5596 1708.