Science of Love

Reporter: Laticia Gibson

Single life. Bars, cheesy pick up lines and number swapping... one thing is for sure, there are no guarantees when it comes to dating and thats scientific fact. According to a group of scientists the art of seduction is not just based on luck its part of our evolution, a proven science now confirmed by laboratory tests.

In a laboratory at Sydney University, physics students are learning about the sub atomic realities of the heart, the science of attraction. Tim Dean is the editor of Australian Science Magazine, 'COSMOS'. He says it's all about sizing up reproductive potential, the animal instinct of passing on your genes to the next generation. "If we understand those patterns then we can adopt different behaviours and make ourselves more appealing to the opposite sex."

Cosmos recently published the lab tested top tips into finding your soul mate.

1. FLAUNT YOUR FRAGRANCE: to help you smell out a suitable partner.

2. EXHIBIT YOUR PHYSIQUE: maximising your fitness, dressing up, looking your best.

3. SOCIALLY LUBRICATE: to mix and communicate, while controlling consumption.

From the subtle indications you get from someone else's smell, you tell whether or not your immune system and their immune system are suitable to make someone, or make offspring that are going to be healthy.

4. MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH: a joke or two - the key to unlocking a heart

5. TALK WITH YOUR BODY: a look and a touch speaks volumes

"There is a bit of asymmetry between the way men and women deal with humour, men like to tell jokes and women are attracted to humorous men but interestingly men are attracted to women who find them funny" says Tim.

"Interesting research recently has shown that women looking at pictures of men and rating their attractiveness rate them higher if they are surrounded by other attractive women checking them out" says Tim. "There may be many perfect matches and depending on where we look and how we behave and the culture we live in we might be lucky enough to meet who will be perfect for us."