Eoin Cameron at School

When it comes to going green, kids are showing the oldies how to do it. WA's young'uns are eco-warriors, hellbent on rescuing the planet from the destructive clutches of, well, us! "Today we're visiting Churchlands Primary School because we've heard there's something pretty interesting going on and it's a fairly new project too. So let's see what's happening."

Churchlands is now possibly WA's most eco-friendly school. With green queen teacher Sheree Samsa, kids have cut all rubbish from their lunchboxes, grow their own veg and sold hundreds of painted calico bags. "We did a zero waste lunch day yesterday actually and we had a handful of rubbish only from over 340 children. So the message is definitely getting through to the children and the families"

Dean's a real shower Nazi. Once Mum's in the shower, the timer starts and if she's in too long, there's trouble. "What do you do to get her out, just create a racket Yeah, create a racket or go round the outside and knock on the window you go that far, do you? Does she eventually cave in? Yeah she does. I'll tell her the phone's going or something."

At home, parents are getting the guilt trip...."If we're late for school and I want to take the car, she'll say 'no, I actually think we should walk, it's better for the environment. I think it's really remarkable for a young child of pre-primary to be coming out with things like that"

Impressive stuff! Across town, another school has found an innovative way to help save the planet. It's the sun that's brought us to the Tuart Hill Primary School today, or more importantly, what the sun is doing for the school. "Ok, can you explain to me what happens from the photo-voltaic cells on the roof? Well the sun goes into the solar cells and then it goes into electrical storage which we use to power up our lights and everything we use in the class." How much do you reckon you've saved, mate, since last year? About $500 09.04 That's fantastic.

Not content with turning her pupils into eco-cops, principal Leah Vogler has a grand plan. "The panels we've got at the moment run about four classrooms so I'd say three or four times what we've got. For about $30,000 we could be close to self-sufficient."

That's not all. These water warriors are teaching the grown-ups a thing or two....

  • If you've got a leaking tap, put a bucket under it and when it's full, pour it in the garden and get it fixed as soon as possible.
  • When you use your dishwater or washing machine, use full loads and not just little pieces here and there.
  • If it's raining outside, you don't need to water your garden.
  • When you're brushing your teeth, don't leave the tap running and use a cup.
  • When I'm waiting for hot water, I put a bucket under the taps so I can use the water later.

Five-year-old green saviour Max puts it simply..."Sad - that means you've got lots of rubbish and happy means you haven't got any rubbish."