Spray On Skin

Reporter: Rodney Lohse

It is the first time Carol Kazonis has wanted to look in the mirror in ten years and it's thanks to a breakthrough procedure. Her incurable skin pigmentation, known as Vitilligo, has now been masked -- along with her fear of socializing, .especially when someone brought out a camera.

Sam Timmins has had the condition since birth. Its progressively spread all over her body and has now started on her face. Not only is it unsightly, but Vitilogo sufferers are extremely susceptible to skin cancer. Make up can help to cover small portions, but when its as severe as Carol's and Sam's, its a case of having to live with it and hoping for a cure.

Microskin is not a cure, but it is proving to be the next best thing for sufferers of many skin disorders such as Vitiligo, birth marks and even burns scarring. "Microskin is a simulated, flexible skin, that I've built over seven years. Its a liquidized skin that we spray on to the of the epidermal layer -- the top layer of the skin -- and it locks onto the skin. Its waterproof, flexible and lasts for days", said Linda Lowndes.

Its also impervious to the sun said Linda, a former make up artist who wanted to make a difference to people's lives. She risked her life savings -- and then some -- to invent Microskin. "How its different from make up and spray on tan, is with spray on tan you're actually pigmenting the skin, you're trying to stain the skin and make it darker. But if you've got the condition called Vitiligo you can't take a white patch and turn it darker -- it'll just keep changing and there'll be many, many different skin tones. Its not very flattering. Also with other skin conditions you need to correct them. A makeup mask is a thick layer -- men can't use it, children can't use it -- that's why Microskin is so unique -- its made for men, women and children", Linda said. It doesn't rub off or mark clothing, rather it comes off just as dead skin does and can last anywhere from a day to five days. Linda is making a difference to peoples lives.

Rebecca Winzer endured relentless teasing at school, to the point where she never saw herself getting a job or having any kind of future. Then she found microskin. "I went to the job interview and I actually felt like the prettiest person in the whole room", Rebecca said.

Associate Professor Roy Kimble is a surgeon with the Brisbane's Royal Children's Hospital's Burns Unit. He has seen first hand the psychological benefits Microskin has for children with severe burn scarring.

While currently only available in Brisbane, he says there is already worldwide interest from the medical fraternity. "I think its invaluable because there really isn't any product out there which can do the same thing", he said.

As for Sam and Carol -- ultimately they will learn how apply it themselves at home and so today Linda is giving them their first application. The change dramatic -- for Sam's husband Russell, its like seeing her for the first time. And Sam just can't stop looking in the mirror.

For further information about Microskin, visit the website at: www.microskin.com.au. or phone : (07) 3260 6125.