10 Years Younger

Reporter: Sonia Kruger

While age may not weary some, it sure can squeeze the life out of others. Just ask best friends, Jane and Liz.And now more than ever, it's not what age you are, but how old everyone else thinks you look that counts.

Jane and Liz are best friends. Today they're facing up to the reality of what years of drinking, smoking and partying together have done to their looks. Most of the passers by we asked were way off the mark when it came to Jane and Liz's age. Most people guessed Jane to be in her mid 50's, she is in fact only 44. Liz is 53 but most people thought she was much older, putting her in her early 60's.

For the next few hours Lizzy and Jane are going to change before your very eyes, turning back the clock with the help of our makeover consultants from Beauty Boutique: Georgie and Hector, First stop Fashion. "The basic rule we need to start is we need to bring her more into now..into wearing stuff that is a little bit more modern, a little bit more workable" advises Danielle, the fashion stylist. "Jane is more of curvaceous figure we need to look at your body shape and work out your wardrobe from there."

"What we're going to do is cut the hair a little shorter, a little but more shape, bring it onto the face, make it softer" says Katie, the hair stylist. "Well with makeup, you lose a lot of colour as you age were going to even out the skin colour and bring some blush back into the cheeks, with eyebrows we tend to lose our eyebrows as well and eye lashes so want to bring those back in" adds make up artist Di Kennedy.

Overseeing their transformation are Lisa Bell and Page Harrison from Georgie & Hector Body, Image and lifestyle Boutique. "I think this is a great demonstration of how there's a psychology behind it. how it impacts and I think to see the ripple effect from Jane and Liz after their hair's been done and they've learnt some tips with makeup and clothing - just to be able to have that confidence oozes into other avenue of their life.

The ladies love their new look...and from the public's perspective they've dropped almost decade in age.