Fake Psychic

Reporter: Graeme Butler

Winning the lottery.. lucky numbers... a better life ... the letter from Psychic Marie Callas promised Jean Nelson's husband the lot - but for someone who claims to be in touch with the other side she's sadly lacking in the basics.

Well the finger of fate certainly pointed at Jean's husband - he died 4 years ago.. the letter has outraged Jean and her daughter Michelle. "If she was a clairvoyant she would have known my husband was no longer alive" Jean said.

In fact jean nelson's husband Ben has been gone for Four years - the letter addressed to him came as a rude shock, "it was coming up to the anniversary of his passing it's always a hard time of year when it comes to that" Jean believes in Psychic ability but wasn't fooled for a minute by the claims of instant success for her husband. "I don't even believe that psychics can predict genuine psychics can predict the lottery otherwise all psychics would be very very rich"

And that's the point - some so-called psychics are very very rich - preying on the innocent. In the case of the Marie Callas letter - she asks for thirty dollars to be sent to secure you're lucky numbers - the only one getting rich here is the psychic. "I would imagine thousands of people in Australia alone would have got these letters hopefully none of them were silly enough to answer but you never know because it was only $30 Australian dollars they might think that was reasonable thing to pay on the off chance you might win" and not asking for too much money is probably how this scam works - and it is a scam. Marie Callas is well know to Australian consumer protection agencies and features as one of the most commonly reported unsolicited money grabs.. on it's scam net site. Letters are sent from Singapore to unsuspecting people - you can also see adds in major magazines.

While jean nelson says she never thought for a minute the letter was anything other than a scam - she says she was upset at requests for a picture of her deceased husband to be sent along with the cheque. Jean says she just wants to warn others of the scam - and make sure Marie Callas' lucky numbers don't come up

If you think you have been sent a scam letter have a look at the following website.