I just realised it was an opportunity that was too good to pass up, I had to make it happen

I'm gonna put my faith in the universe and put it out there and i';m gonna put my entire life savings as it were on the line and see what happens

For a little person, Cath Wood's dreams are big. Really big.

I put in the offer for 2.61 million dollars

Two point six million dollars Cath doesn't have, for a block she dearly wants, smack bang in the middle of WA's Margaret River wine region. And she wants strangers to pay for it.

Then I started thinking how can I make this happen what can I do to make this happen and and sometimes when you ask yourself that question sometimes you get a wacky answer

And Cath's wacky answer was to borrow the cash... from thousands of friends she doesn't yet have.

instead of borrowing a big lot from one outlet, I'm borrowing a v small amount from lots and lots of people 100 dollars from 27 500 people in fact

A five year loan, no interest, no share of the land - so what do you get? .

So if you lend the money, you get the money back, you get my undying love

If people donate money, they get even more love - it's like a love plus karma extra kudos level

The people I want involved are the people that go yeah, I want to do a little bit to make another big dream come true

a big dream that sees Cath and her family living on the property , but she also plans to use it for this.

Run by a bloke known around Margaret River as simply Fat Matt

Fat Matt's Luna Circus gives kids a go under the big top. Cath hopes to give Luna Circus a new training area on her dream block

Cath's children Tom and Casey have trained with Fatt Matt for a couple of years, and love it.

He's made an enormous impact on my kids

He has taught them that hard work and training is what you need to do to get the results and i think that that work eithic that they're learning translates into the whole rest of their life

Cath are you even entertaining the thought that all of this might not be yours? no not at all you've started making plans in here's where the circus is going to be, the performance space and the big training shed and over behind us is where I'll build th house

But there's still that small problem of paying for it. Cath put down fifty thousand dollars deposit, the offer's been accepted. The clock's ticking towards settlement, she's launched a website asking for help.

You know, is it sensible to fly to the moon? all progress is made by the unreasonable man or woman, so I'm ok with that

Cath would be hoping for a better response than Heather Allyse who also went public asking for help with a wish list - in her case, for breast implants.

I don't have 10 grand but if there's people out there with 10 dollars on their sideboard I need 1000 people to send in 10 dollars to make a dream come true

Heather tried to advertise for help. Two papers - Brisbane's Courier Mail and Sydney's Daily Telegraph refused to run the ads. Melbourne's Herald Sun would, Heather also tried to list herself on Ebay.

Whoever was the winning bidder if I could get the funds together they would get a picture, it sounds a bit strange but it's a surgical procedure

In Heather's case, going public lead nowhere - she didn't raise any money.

In Cath's case, she's over the thousand dollar mark - only a couple of million to go.Friend Carolyn Forte was one of the first to put her hundred in the hat.

I hope that it touches that part in people's hearts that can respond to somebody trying to do something that's so outrageous that it deserves support

I'd say that many people would say well you can spend 100 dollars perhaps more productively, giving it to those in real need.

WA Fair Trading commissioner Patrick Walker

If a lot of people rushed in here the net effect of that is miss wood would aquire a v expensive property in the south west that would appreciate she would become a multi millionaire in time

He says Cath Wood's plan is legal, if unorthodox. and before you spend your hard earned hundred, beware you may never see it again.

People do need to understand that they're provifidng cheap finance for her to purchase and expensive property that will be used and will be in her name and for her exclusive use

If, of course, she can do it. If not, Cath could face bankruptcy should the estate agent decided to pursue her for the whole two point seven million dollars. Cath's staying positive.

If you wish to visit Caths website, here is the address.