Slim Suit

Reporter: Laticia Gibson

First seen in the fifteenth century, the corset has transported through time. Each decade a new look - a new generation. What once looked like a torture device, is now the signpost of femininity and body control. It's been described as the modern day corset, sculpting, trimming and toning those unwanted areas.

"I don't know whether they want men to know that they've got a secret weapon underneath their dress." Marie Claire editor, Jane Roarty is convinced that the trick to looking fabulous in any revealing dress is in this little black number... an adaptation of an old classic. "There's such a history in Hollywood... you think of the shapely style like Marilyn Munroe."

The new range from Nancy Ganz is sexy and best of all slimming in seconds - no diet, no exercise required. "The under garments make the outer garments look perfect. No lines, nothing showing, no bulges, no tummy" says Jane.

Made from a high-tech elastic it acts like a cocoon around the problem areas, giving you trim, taut and terrific body in any outfit.

We've asked 24 year old Antoinette Caines and Terryanne Hillen's to road test the body slip for 24 hours. Will they notice a difference? Or more importantly - will anyone else? "I'd like to feel like a million bucks when I go out so I'd like people to look sometimes" says Antoinette.

"Anything that to take away a few centimetres off my body would be fabulous.... I can't wait, bring it on" adds Terryanne. Jane says the arrival is just in time for the racing season, with dresses the ultimate wardrobe want. While these women and many more worry about their curves... the world dotes on all things bootylicous, the Rubenesque ideal of beauty is making a comeback.

But how do Anotinette and Terryanne feel about being held in tight all day? "I'm very surprised it's taken inches off my waist, it makes me feel really sexy and sassy and yeah, it sure beats dieting" says Antoinette.

Antoinette was brought in 4cm around her hip section, meaning she could finally get into her dress, while Terryanne lost 4cm from her waist and a massive 5cm from her hips."I wore this grey dress that I bought the other day and I don't usually wear because I'm a little bit scared of my stomach sticking out - not very confident in it. I wore the black body slip dress with it - it looked fantastic" said Terryanne.

Nancy Ganz stockists:

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