Arthritis Oil

Reporter: David Richardson

It can strike anyone at anytime, it's crippling, painful, there's no known cause and no known cure. At best all you can do is somehow manage the chronic pain that can leave bones twisted and gnarled. One in five Australian's currently lives with constant arthritis. More than 4-million Australians of all ages. It's one of our ten most crippling diseases and costs the country tens of millions of dollars every year.

Former model Melinda initially damaged her spine when she fell down stairs more than 10 years ago. She has suffered crippling arthritic pain ever since. Then last year she tore ligaments while giving birth to her baby girl adding to her misery.

She'd done everything she could think of to beat the pain from physiotherapy to massage and daily painkillers. Nothing worked. Until her mother put her onto a product called "Ease Arthritis". It's official name is MOBI-COSA and it's in fact powdered green lip mussels. Within 10 days of starting on the tablets she was pain free.

Vet Doctor Darren Gibbins is the managing director of Ease Arthritis, a product he discovered while battling his own crippling back problems. He raves about the pain killing properties in the tablets.

Dave Cooper is a former Olympian, an equestrian champion who first noticed problems with his hands 2 years ago. But it was his work as a horse dentist that caused him the most problems, gripping tools and working on horses. He too is now taking Ease Arthritis and no longer suffers crippling pain in his hands.

Most of Bob's arthritis comes from old football injuries and knee operations. he thought he was going to have to live with his pains for the rest of his life until he came across a totally different product, Elmore Oil.

Ralph Linford is 79 and the creator of Elmore oil a concoction he brewed in his kitchen 9-years ago to help his arthritic hands. It combines such basic ingredients as tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil and vanilla oil with a light grade of olive oil. Yet incredibly it's success has taken the world by storm.

From a small backyard operation Elmore Oil is now marketed in more than 4,800 outlets across the country. It has just been awarded contracts to sell in Singapore and Hong Kong. And it's become the fastest growing pain reliever in the country rocketing from 19 th to become the 5 th most popular treatment of it's kind.

There's no doubt that people suffering pain like arthritis everyday will clutch at any straw for relief. And with our population ageing arthritis numbers are expected to soar in the next 15 years meaning millions will do anything to erase the pain.




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