Lipo Sisters

Reporter: Liz Kefford

Meet the Pardona sisters - Connie, Julie, Sylvia and Rose. As a family they've always been close, but now they share an unusual bond. All four have had liposuction to remove their family's genetic curse -- tiny waists but massive hips and bottoms -- which would not budge, no matter how much they dieted or how hard they exercised.

Connie and Julie were the first of the sisters to have their fat sucked away. After years of trying to slim down their thighs and hips, they decided on liposuction, in desperation. Their procedures, within a week of each other, took just 60 minutes each, and the results were extraordinary. Julie shrank from an obese size 26 to a healthy size 16, in just one hour. "It's worth it because its something that I would never have achieved on my own, so you can't put a price to it -- I would never become a size 16 on my own", Julie said.

"Its like a miracle to me, that's how I sum it up, a miracle", Connie said.The two remaining sisters , Rose and Sylvia were blown away by the change in their sibling's bodies, and decided that they too would rid themselves of their bottom-heavy body shape.

Dermatologist Dr. Danny Lanzer introduced the Tumescent Liposuction method to Australia. It involves injecting the fat with large volumes of a special water based fluid, which softens the fat, and stops any bleeding. He's performed a whopping ten thousand procedures, and says this is the best way to achieve what diet and exercise can't. "With tumescent liposuction its really stood the test of time and its been shown to be the safest procedure, gives the most dramatic results and allows you to do the largest amount of areas and remove the largest volumes", Dr. Lanzer said.

The liposuction involves making tiny nicks on the skin, hydrating the fat and then extracting it and after just 60 minutes it was over. Liposuction costs between three and ten thousand dollars, depending on how much fat you need removed, and can dissolve dress sizes in a very shot period of time. But surgeon Howard Webster says people shouldn't see it as a quick fix just to drop the kilos. "Liposuction is not at all an effective way to lose weight because people who have liposuction for weight loss haven't learnt how to keep the weight off", he said.

However, Dr. Lanzer says often the liposuction is the kick start people need to take control of their body, and the "lipo sisters" are proof of this. "It has stimulated them psychologically. They're really happy, they're motivated, they're swimming, they're running, they're doing the right thing", Dr. Lanzer said.

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