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Reporter: Helen Wellings

Tracking down products in the supermarket that are locally grown and from Australian companies is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Approximately 85% of the products in the supermarkets are made overseas or made by companies that are owned by overseas interests. That's right .. Only 15%, of items on the shelves now, are .. True Blue Aussie ingredients from 100% Australian owned companies. Warren Mason from IGA "It is really difficult for the normal consumer to come in and spot with ease the 15% of goods that are made locally by Australian companies"

"You certainly can't tell these days which is Australian and which is not" Mike Rogers from Fightback Australia, which supports local brands says it's not just the mammoth foreign companies that have taken over much of our food industry - Coles and Woolworths Safeway's new private label products, a large proportion of which have foreign ingredients, are flooding the shelves and knocking out the Aussie competition.

Canned fruit is from South Africa, China and Thailand, peas, beans, carrots from Belgium, frozen broccoli and cauliflower from China, tinned tomatoes from Italy. The solution ... Fightback for Australia! Here's the way to spot the Australian products ... These brand new shelf labels and this Aussie Owned Brands Supermarket Guide tell you which ones are made here. And the Guide is absolutely FREE .. more about how to get your copy soon.

Warren from IGA says To get one of these tickets you need to have an Australian made and owned product. So it's not good enough to be Australian manufactured, as alot of our items are, it has to be made and locally owned. IGA supermarkets have really got behind Fightback for Australia. And Today Tonight is supporting this massive campaign to care for our farmers .. and protect local jobs. Warren Mason says the shelf labels you'll see in most IGA supermarkets, and the Guide, allow shoppers to find the Australian product instantly. In tinned fruit and vegies there are alot of imported products but the Aussie ones are clearly marked on the shelf.

Most softdrink companies are foreign owned. We have Staminaid which is Australian owned, Waterfords and the IGA range here and we've got the Black and Gold, they keep the profits here in Australia. So the generic is Australian made? Yes.

As for cheap imports, well they're not necessarily cheaper for shoppers! We compared the price of a trolley of 15 popular Aussie owned and grown brands compared with equivalent foreign owned ones ...The foreign products total $38.10, the Australian, only $33.05 ... $5.05 cheaper for the locally produced supermarket items.

So let the labels be your guide at IGA or take the Guide with you to any supermarket, simply look up the product category and you'll spot a list of Aussie goods.

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