Bon Scott

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

It's the anthem of a generation ... "it's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll" who would have thought that long ride to the top, would last so long. Love em or hate em, AcaDaca is an aussie icon ... and lead singer Bon Scott ... a legend in Australian rock history. Decades after his death ... Bon's mate Buzz Bidstrup, drummer with heavy rock act, the Angels, reckons ACDC's loveable larrikin should be brought back. Not 'back in black' .... but bronze. A life sized statue of Bon Scott ... striking the pose ... that sent fans into a frenzy and THIS is where Bon Scott will make his last stand. on Fremantle's esplanade ... his old stomping ground.

"You mention Bon Scott and straight away people think of Fremantle" according to Doug Thorncrift, President of the WA Bon Scott Fan Club, the hometown tribute is long overdue. "We know your a fan Doug, are you a fanatic? Yes I am a fanatic just ask my wife I live and breathe ACDC" He's not alone. Doug found support for the statue from the most unlikely of fans ... Peter Tagliaferi says "in 1983 when I ran for council that was the song I used for my theme song" Bon Scott was born in Scotland, but Mayor Peter Tagliaferi says he was a Freo boy, through and through, "he's a favourite son, one of Freo's largest exports" When his family moved to Fremantle, Bon took up the bagpipes (picture). he went on to play them all over the world.

Long before the legend Bon Scott was just a boy with a dream, and it was here in Fremantle that his fate was sealed. he joined a band called the Valentines and the story goes he sat here outside this building, opposite that park, to discuss with the band members whether Bon should be the drummer, or the lead singer. the rest as they say, is history.

Doug says "it will be a tribute to Bon, he was Australia's biggest influence on rock and roll" How many people actually come here to visit Bon's grave? oh it would be a couple of 1000 ....devastated fans come to Fremantle cemetery ... to cry, play music, and have one last cold one ... to Bon, "I notice there's a beer bottle here today, is that normal? It is normal"

"We hired a bus went down to Fremantle cemetery paid our respects to Bon Scott" when new Dockers coach Chris Connelly first arrived in Freo ... he fired up the troops with some 'high voltage' rock and roll. "Then everyone came back to my house and we had a DVD and ACDC on and a band in the backyard and we all had a turn singing a Bon Scott song" The music's been their mascot ever since, Chris Connolly says "having a statue shows respect for someone who had great vision"

Not everyone loves the idea of the life sized singer ... but then again, it's beauty will be in the eye of the beholder .... much like his music. Dave Evans says "it's a unique thing, no one thinks of statues for rock and roll singers or artists" Before Bon, Dave Evans was the original lead singer of ACDC. Now based in the US, he's home for a special one-off Bon Scott Celebration Concert. Dave says "it's great to be going back to wild west, because we had a wild time there, believe me"

The concert will raise money for the statue ... to be cast by renowned local sculptor Greg James had he been alive today, Bon Scott would've been sixty ... who knows if he'd still be rockin, but one thing is for sure, even in death ... he'll be larger than life ... "I think he'd be rather chuffed about it, he's a lead singer, so lead singers by definition are outstanding people"

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