Fly the flag

Reporter: James Thomas

Hello darlings besides the Australian flag, that I would die for! There is one other great icon that I can just tell you. This is the most Australian thing as well....a Pavlova! And I am going to cover it with tons of cream and passion fruit...and passion fruit is definitely Australian too. So wave your flags, have a wild time, sing all the Australian songs and salute the flag.... Mostly made in china - for true blue aussies - the flag was everywhere today... And we found no shortage of celebrities to champion it...Sam says "well it symbolises the enormous sacrifice that the men and women of Australian made over the journey for us to enjoy the privileges of this wonderful democracy so we have a god given right to respect it and be very proud of it. "

As you chomp on your chop this Australia day ponder for a moment - what does the flag mean to you?

Angry Anderson says "the Australian flag means 2 things - acknowledgment of the past and an acknowledgment of the future. Where we are going I am, you are, we are Australian. And we are so lucky so wave the flag on Australia day." And hundreds of thousands did - expressing pride in our national symbol which could only be rivalled by the likes of patriot Laurie Lawrence...

"Go for it, why not... If you love the flag wear it... It is absolutely fine with me, but please don't expect me too and please don't call me un-Australian when I don't. "Former political journalist Margo Kingston is concerned our flag is less a symbol of unity and more a banner of smug aggression. "For me it represents us engaging in our first war of aggression in Iraq. It symbolises us turning back the boat people and it symbolises the attack on rule of law and human rights for all Australians."

Our greatest flag wavers are politicians but margo warns us not to fall for the flag as political propaganda..."If you were a one nation supporter in 1998 you had the flag in the front yard it has continued since then, Howard always has the flag with him, the 'we will decide' stuff during tampa you are un-Australian if you don't want to send the boats back. "

You may not agree with Margot - but believe it or not - half the country once agreed with Prime Minister Keating when he wanted to get rid of our flag. "That was mainstream 12 years ago... About half of Australians agreed with it. That's gone... Imagine Kevin Rudd or any labor backbencher around the country saying anything like that... He or she would be crucified... Times have changed."

They sure have... Everywhere you looked today the flag stood proud - even if some weren't sure why...

Why are you draped in the flag?

'Cause it is Australia day

What does it mean to you?

Um, I don't really know?

What does the flag mean to you?

Um, I'm not sure...

When did the flag first become the flag?

Don't know...

  • The flag came into being after federation. It was first raised on the 3rd of September 1901 but didn't become our official ensign until 1953 with the passing of the flags act.

So what's that star there called

Um, I dunno... Mum? I don't know either

  • Commonly known as the star of federation - it's 6 points representing our states - the seventh shared by our territories.

Kimberley says "I always love seeing the Australian flag you know, it just makes you feel all fuzzy inside and patriotic and all that good stuff". "Amanda where is your flag? What's this a lamington? Look at the size of my flag... Where's your flag? That's not a flag this is a flag... Oh no I am seeing stars... Sorry about that... Come on aussies get behind your flag." Human nature says "we're proud of the flag - I think it looks great........its our flag - you've just got to love it" You don't have to love anything - that's the joy of living in Australia... But take a look at the crowd today you get the feeling that being a flag hater.

Now if you want to join the campaign please send us your name and address by email to: and we'll get those stickers sent out to you - the only thing we ask - is that you proudly display the sticker on the family car!