Aussie Undies

Reporter: Laticia Gibson

For years underwear has plumped, lifted, separated and hid different parts of our bodies. Now the push up bra is going downunder for women and men -- think cheeky."The unique product here is the magic pulp nickers. It's actually padded nickers which contain a foam-like material which not only enhancing your buttocks a little, bit also lifting it up and give you this nice J-Lo like butt", said Christian Buchholz from Elle Imports.

Christian has made it his full time job to get Aussie women looking and feeling like their favourite celebrity - inside and out. Christian even has the answer to ditch the old, uncomfortable padded bra for the perfect cleavage. "The magic air-bra is more like a shape-wear bra without the need for plastic surgery basically", he said."The unique feature on this product is actually these little air pockets, which are removable, are sitting underneath your bust so what they actually do is they're lifting your bust up without looking unnatural", he added.

Christian says his European imports are so hot that even the celebrities are buying. "The ID Sierri range is a range which a lot of celebrities in America are actually buying. Brittney Spears wore one of the bustieres in one of her concerts in Miami", he said. So, what was under the hottest wedding dress this year? "This particular story is rumoured that Katie Holmes actually wore under her wedding dress. The story called Chicago Diamonds", Christian said.

But if you'd like a bit of the glitz and glam for your draw, then prepare the credit cards. If diamonds are a girl's best friend then the Swarovski crystal piece is definitely a close second -- hand made and only five in the world. "We had one of them and we actually sold that one recently for $2500", Christian said. Then there was another beauty -- an 18 ct gold chain g-string with a real garnet -- $550.

But it's not only the women getting into enhancing underwear. "Aussie bum wonder jock does something really simple -- it makes guys bigger", said Sean Ashby, owner off the aussieBum Company.

They are the makers of the surprise best seller, the new wonder-jock -- dubbed the "patriot". In its first week on the market a phenomenal 50,000 pairs of the patriot have been sold. "We are the spinal tap of men's fashion -- we don't take ourselves seriously", Sean said.

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