Gel Protecting Homes From Fire

Reporter: Laticia Gibson

With bushfires ravaging across Australia, a new product promises to protect homes from fire damage by making them resistant to intense flames. It is called Barricade Fire Gel and Director of the company that distributes the product, Leo Peek, said it should be a compulsory addition to a family's home fire kit.

"As the urban interface develops and people want to go and live in the ridges and the inaccessible areas to commute with nature and things like that, it just makes it more and more difficult for the fire brigade to get there when there's real trouble on," he said."The idea is to start at the top of the building and work your way down."

You screw the nozzle into the container then connect it to a regular garden hose. The surface area is protected from the three basic principles of fire; ember attack, radiant heat and flame impingement. It can be used on trees, machinery and fire trucks and when the fire threat is over it can be washed off

The gel works by using the science and technology we see in the humble nappy. The absorption component of nappies is a polymer made from vegetable oils and the gel is an adaptation of this. When mixed, it retains more than 400 times its own weight in water. Simply put, the gel creates a wet wall between the fire and your home.

Assistant Commissioner of the NSW Rural Fire Service, Rob Rogers, is urging homeowners to understand the dangers as we enter a new season."The worst thing people should do is make last minute decisions because when they make last minute decisions, that's when disasters happen," he said."Be aware of the fire season we are in, we are seeing fires do things that they don't normally do."

Despite having been used in the United States effectively for over a decade, the product is yet to be formally adopted in Australia.

Homeowners can purchase a defense, kit which covers an average of 416sqm at a cost of $671.

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