Olive Leaf Extract

Reporter: Gavin Adler

One in 6 Australians have arthritis.

Jill Falls was one of them. Her hands became so gnarled, so painful, she gave up her great passion, photography.

Jill says, "I couldn't hold my camera any more. It was too hard, too difficult, changing lenses and trying to do anything. I just thought, 'I can't do this', so I stopped.

The arthritis in Arthur Standring's hip was so bad he gave up on just about everything. Arthur explains, "Once you get to my age, you're stuck with arthritis."

But both Arthur and Jill have found that's not the case. Jill's back taking her photos and Arthur's back in the garden, enjoying his retirement.

Both say their new lease on life is because of an olive leaf extract, which has been called 'black gold' for people with arthritis.

Jill says, "I couldn't believe the difference in my hands, the pain was gone, they were amazing.

People have known the health benefits of eating olives and olive oil for thousands of years but it's only been in the last 20 or 30 years that it's been scientifically proven. Now fresh research commissioned by a farm in South East Queensland could prove using the entire olive tree could be the answer for a number of health problems.

Julian Archer is CEO of Olive Leaf Extract, Australia . He says, "We're now working with a team of medical specialists, doctors, cardiologists and researchers to try to tailor our product for specific diseases." He explains that, "scientists are telling us is there's actually 40 times the antioxidants in the olive tree leaves than in the olive oil and that offers a lot of health benefits to the people taking it. So it's basically concentrated."

Prominent Brisbane heart specialist, Dr David Colqhoun, is a member of a research team looking for scientific proof that olive leaf extract has amazing health benefits. He says, "There's a lot of interesting theoretical information on its biochemical nature. There's a lot of interesting data looking in the test tube, interesting data with animal research, we're moving now into human research." He explains there's every chance that in addition to helping arthritis sufferers, this super-charged antioxidant tonic could lower cholesterol, fight heart disease, and may even kill cancer cells. Dr Colqhoun says, "If we can have a cancer killing preparation which is perfectly fine for the rest of the healthy human cells, this is huge." The only potential side effect might be the taste!

Regardless of the taste, or the results of the clinical trials, Arthur and Jill need no convincing.

Jill says, "It's even good for your wellbeing. It gives you so much energy."

More information: www.olea.com.au