Five Steps to a healthy life

Reporter: Chris Simond

Author of Take The Pressure Off Your Heart, Robert Kowalski, claims he has come up with five simple steps that he said will help you live longer."We can completely control blood pressure," he claimed.

"When it comes to blood pressure, it's lifestyle that has the most impact." It is advice that 69-year-old Ron Schultz has taken because he had blood pressure around 140/100, which is morbidly high."I had a heart attack and two bypass surgeries by the time I was 41, unfortunately I didn't know this information then," Ron said. With a few changes to his lifestyle, Ron's blood pressure dropped to 130/70.

With high blood pressure and heart attacks running in the family, Ron decided to test out Robert Kowalski's advice. "The thing I do love is dark chocolate of a night and I think that's helping," he said. "I like salt on my food and the light salt is obviously going to be better for me."

Top Five Tips to Live Longer
1. Find out what your blood pressure actually is because it gives no symptoms whatsoever and it is hard to tell without a test.

2. Start changing some lifestyle patterns. Get more physical activity and lose weight if necessary.

3. Change some diet patterns such as salt intake. Reduce the amount of salty foods that you consume, especially from processed foods and fast foods.

Opting for a salt substitute, like Ron did, can reduce your blood pressure.

4. Have a cup of hot cocoa in the evening because it can reduce blood pressure levels on a regular basis.

The polythenols in pure cocoa are thought to reduce high blood pressure.

5. Be aware of some of the supplements that are only now are entering the market. Some are plant based with no side effects. They could lower blood pressure as effectively as prescription drugs.

Robert Kowalski is convinced it can work. "This is brand new stuff that has been literally researched in the past year," he said.

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The book Take The Pressure Off Your Heart by Robert Kowalski is available now for $29.95. ISBN: 1741104777.