Job Hints

Reporter: Siobhan Gleeson

Yes, this is another get-rich-quick story. You just have to work hard and be good at what you do and then as they say – the sky's the limit. Amy Snitza sure knows the meaning of success. She started as a shop assistant on a measly $10 an hour. Today she's earning six figures as the head honcho of marketing for fashion company Brown Sugar. “I'm 29 and I entered the retail industry at 17 and over the course of the last 12 years I've had 16 promotions. And with every promotion that I have had over the past 12 years it has come with a higher price tag as far as salary goes”, says Amy.

Amy's climbed the corporate ladder in double quick time. In just five years she's doubled her salary and this year she's a finalist in the Telstra Women's Business Awards.. “Don't be afraid of hard work, be passionate about results, have the right attitude about everything that you do and be vocal. Make it known what your goals are. Be very sure of where you want to head and how to get there”, says Amy.

Domenic Toledo from Drake Recruitment says 90% of employees leave their jobs if they don't get a chance for promotion – “Too often employees find themselves in the wrong job to begin with so our advice is, take a step back, consider your career objectives and consider if the employer that you're with today can provide you with the kind of career progression you're looking for. With the right attitude and the right approach, every employee can get career progression”.

Todd Martin is the face of a new era of workers, “I've worked for four different companies in the last eight years”. Todd is a 'job hopper'. He's ambitious, hard working and keen to get to the top as soon as possible. “We want everything now and everything had to be done yesterday. My big goal is to probably be the CEO of a company”, says Todd.

Todd recently started with Country Road as a trainee manager. He's hoping it's the road to big things. “Being on board with such a huge company, there is a lot of room for growth and I just hope to get in here and show them what I can do”.

Paul Gardner's been making and breaking hundreds of careers as the boss of advertising giant Grey Worldwide. “If you find great people, give them a chance to be great. The real role of a boss, in my opinion, is to create an environment where people can bring out their best and be the best. I think when anyone joins a company today they should be asking a few questions - what are my roles and responsibilities? And get that written down and understand what they are. And then secondly, when will I be reviewed?”

So, just what can these hugely successful, over achievers tell you to get your career moving?

Domenic says to get a mentor, “Someone you admire. Someone who's successful.”

Amy advises you to work hard; “You have to strive to over deliver on what's expected of you.”

Todd says – set goals, “If you've got a goal then there's only one way to go about it and that's work for it”.

Paul recommends you know what's required, “Make sure that the job description has key performance indicators so you can measure whether you've succeeded or failed”.

And one final tip from the woman with the six figure salary “It's a matter of standing out from the crowd. You can choose every day to be good at your job or you can choose everyday to be great at your job”, says Amy.