Oxy Facial

Reporter: Jackie Quist

Madonna loves them so too does Heather Locklear, Donatella Versace and Gwen Stefani, apparently. Oxygen Facials are the latest fad being embraced by celebrities anxious to stave off the dreaded aging process.

Michelle Peck is Madonna's personal Oxygen Therapist and is here from Tinsel Town to extol the virtues of this latest, so called, elixir of youth that Madonna adores. “It's incredible to me. I call it the natural facelift”, says Michelle, and then goes on to say, “Madonna keeps me very busy. She loves the treatment. She has three machines, one in each home. She's just amazing. It's hard to make her look any more beautiful but it definitely helps the level of hydration with her skin. She has stunning skin”.

While oxygen facials have been around for years, Michelle says this particular, Madonna endorsed, procedure is the best yet. “We're the natural facelift. It literally lifts, firms, tightens and erases fine lines. I mean I watch the magic happen as I'm doing the treatment”, says Michelle.

Michelle talks us through how the 02 Intraceuticals magic apparently works “We are using Hypobaric pressure to deliver into the skin a serum that is made of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins A, C, E, Green Tea extract, and Aloe Vera. So, basically we're using these two components to make you look beautiful”. At $90 a pop, you'd want to look beautiful.

Anthony McMahon is the brains behind Intraceuticals, the little Aussie skin care company that's taken the world by storm. “If they go and have our treatment, they will get an amazing result. The normal result from a customer is, 'wow', and that's anything from girls in their 20s to women in their 70s”, says Anthony.

Anthony tells us, “In just under four years we're in 12 countries. We have some of the top celebrities in the world using the products. The results are outstanding. That's the reason we're so successful”.

Bear in mind though, there's no scientific evidence to back up these, so called, astounding results “There actually is no evidence to show, either clinically or scientifically, that oxygen facials deliver any beneficial effects to the skin cells at all”, says Dr Natasha Cook from the Australian College of Dermatologists. Dr Cook says she's heard it all before “It's clear that Oxygen Facials are the new over marketed trend. To me, it seems that they're being marketed to replace Micro Dermabrasions. The new-hype and fluff and puff treatment of 2006”.

But devotees of Oxygen Facials like Marie France Rahilly say the results are fantastic, “It sort of pumps up the skin, and after the treatment you can tell that the wrinkles are not as apparent”. Michelle says “The treatment lasts four to seven days, depending on how dehydrated or how hydrated your skin is”. Wendy Hewitt is another convert, “I was really surprised. My face was really glowing and bright, and very plumped up and it was good”.

At the very least the treatment is, by all accounts, relaxing and may makes you look fresher, at least for a while. It's supposed to make your make-up glide on beautifully and Michelle says anyone who's anyone in Hollywood will have an oxygen facial before hitting the red carpet.

“In L.A. we want it and we want it now. I mean it's a very 'now' culture there. There's a lot of media and with it being Hollywood, you know to look your best and people will pay for whatever will give you the instant results”, says Michelle.

Oxy Facial

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