Reporter: Jackie Quist

Kylie Ann burns says the humble handbag is no longer ... Once a useful receptacle for ones gloves and lipstick over the years its morphed into a must have designer accessory capable of carrying absolutely everything ... But this year's bag, the super-sac can cost thousands ... Can't afford it? Neither could kylie Ann so she set up an online handbag rental service called Mila and Eddie ...kylie Ann says “I could see that there was a need for people to be able to borrow products lend products much like celebs can do but quite frankly they can afford it and we cant”

Kylie-Ann's idea is simple ... Why buy when you can rent? She offers the latest fashions for around 10% of the purchase price...“I think that they're picking up magazines and seeing people like Nicole Ritchie and Kate Moss and I think they're really picking up on what's on their arm and I think that's transcending into street wear.”

No wonder kylie-Ann's handbag business is booming ...Emily says “I carry everything with me from make up to cameras to mobile phones abs to stay prepared” women and handbags are joined at the hip ... A bit like men and remote controls ... But what's inside these bags is secret women's business... Until now...

Emily says “got my bvulgari wallet and that alone is worth a couple hundred dollars”, these are the expensive necessities of Emily O'Brien's daily life ...my mac make up and the bag itself worth $600 all of my mac make up and also the make up case its in my sunglasses dolce gabanna sunglasses they're valued at $500 I've got my perfume valued at about $120 I have my ipod about $300 hand cream $70. These days the contents of a woman's handbag are worth a packet ... Take Hollywood star Lindsay Lohan whose $12,000 designer bag was pinched from Heathrow airport ... Amongst her belongings was 1.3 million worth of jewellery ... Geoff Hughes from aami insurance.

“it is easy to lose these things just by putting them down and someone swipes them or you forget them and then all of a sudden you're down as you say a couple of thousand dollars just like that” Geoff says the average handbag and its contents these days are generally worth up to a couple of thousand dollars and some are even worth insuring.

Geoff says “well it's called pvs personal valuables and yeah you can cover these things in conjunction with your contents insurance for about 3% of their value” Emily says “phone $300 some more make up bits and ends more make up and I've got my car key which is $300 if I had to get that replaced I've got a aps voucher for crown towers from $200 ... And a digital camera valued at about $800 more bits and loose ends ... Wow kitchen sink's not hidden in there is it?”” Then there's the bag itself ...Emily says “that's valued at about $300 so all in all it does add up“

But the sheer size and potential weight of bags this year has the osteopathic association's president peter parker very worried ...peter says “well I think once you start getting over the 3 -4 kilo mark anything over 20 minutes id say is too long b.c it is a weight that's hanging below the shoulder height and its producing a tilt through the body”

Peter parker says “whether we talk about high heels or hand bags or any of these fashion things that go on people have to listen. First off they have to be aware of the risks through such as this and then take action so I would cert minimise the weight" Kylie says “once you've had one of these handbags and it sounds silly because it's just a handbag but once you've had the real thing, you can really see how beautiful it is and how fantastic it is to own one, if you can't own one, why not borrow one.”

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