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Reporter: Karryn Cooper

Gary Reid and Donna-Rose Mcineney are no longer living lives filled with agony, embarrassment..... And the varicose veins which caused it..Dr Paul Varcoe says “laser treatment with this technique has revolutionised the way we treat varicose veins around the world“

Donna-Rose says “it's so much nicer knowing your legs are attractive and you can wear pretty shoes” Donna-Rose couldn't stand the sight of her lumpy leg.. Scarred with bulging blue veins which stretched from her knee down to her toes.. “This varicose vein has stopped me doing things I want to do.. I can't' wear strappy sandals, or high heeled sandals or high heels in general.“

But there's nothing vain about it... Varicose veins can be very painful. Donna says “it's not sharp pain its regular dull pain and sometimes it's throbbing and it does have regular intensity levels and it has kept me awake in the past.” The cause of varicose veins still isn't exactly known ....there is a genetic link where the problem can run in families ....and it is more common for women...but like plasterer Gary Reid, men do suffer from them... The tradesman's had varicose veins for years.. Gary Reid says “I've had it since I was teenager, in both legs.. It's only got bad over last 3 years.” Like Donna-rose.. Gary's legs throbbed..Especially after exercising..”I referee on weekends and it probably reduces my training more than anything. After I run it aches, after I exercise it aches”

Fed up with the discomfort.. .. Both Gary and Donna-rose sought the help of Doctor Paul Varcoe..A specialist on the gold coast.. Who uses a new laser therapy to sizzle and shrink deep veins below the skin.. The procedure's called endovenous laser ablation.. Doctor Varcoe says it's quick, pain free.. And delivers rapid relief with almost no downtime. Gary says “the procedure is much less traumatic for the patient in that they are up and about straight away and the veins are less likely to reoccur”

Under local anaesthetic.. A small incision is made near the knee and a laser fibre is threaded through the vein to the groin.. More anaesthetic is then injected into the area.. To numb the leg and start shrinking the vein wall.. Then a machine slowly pulls the fibre out.. Heat sealing the vein along the way.. Dr Paul Varcoe says “this basically it's a one shop treatment.. We close off the trunk and most of the branches will of course shrivel up”

Gary asks “how long till I see any difference in the size of the veins..? “ Dr Paul Varcoe replies “in the next week or so it'll go to about half or a third of the size it was before the procedure” before laser.. Thousands of men and women with varicose vein had to endure a painful operation called stripping...where the vein was literally torn out.. Leaving the patient bedridden for weeks.

Dr Paul Varcoe says “surgery's really considered in a lot of parts of the world to be totally outdated and unnecessary.. It's an expensive procedure surgery it's got a lot of problems associated with it that now laser treatment of these veins.. These problems don't occur.” Four weeks later.. Both patients returned for their check up. Donna-rose's vein had shrunk.. And the pain had gone.. “What's happened to the symptoms since I treated you” Donna says “it doesn't ache as much as it did, it's much more comfortable at the end of the day.. The swelling is down quite a lot it used to bulge”

Gary's once swollen leg.. Had also improved...”the lumps have moved away.. It's all calmed down all the aching and pain has gone.. It's all been pretty good.”The procedure's not cheap.. It costs around four thousand dollars a leg..But it is covered under the Medicare system....the most anyone will be out of pocket is $1000. Patients like Donna-rose....say its money well spent. “I'm physically much more comfortable so I can last longer on my feet for work or home duties I'm not a sceptic any more I'm a true believer it's wonderful”

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Dr Paul Varcoe on (07) 5538 1133 or visit www.thelegveinclinic.com.au