Dream Creams

Reporter: Karryn Cooper

40 year old Josephine Kay is a self-confessed cosmetic junkie, addicted to skin care for every laugh line, frown line, and wrinkle. “I believe in getting my remedy in a bottle, I don't believe in going under the knife”, she said.

And the cosmetic companies don't want that either, but they are cashing in on the latest buzz words in cosmetic procedures, all designed to keep us spending $1.4 billion dollars a year on skin care and cosmetics.

Botox, microdermabrasion, collagen injections – are proven cosmetic procedures that remove wrinkles, reduce lines and help slow the aging process. Now the cosmetic companies are marketing labels on over-the- counter cosmetics with ingredients and product names such as boswelox, Q10, dermanew, dermo-expertise and collagen-boost.

Realising that for many women the thought of injecting a needle or slicing into. Into your face isn't appealing, they claim to have creams that produce the same result. The latest two top selling anti-aeging dream creams -- both billed as needle free alternatives to botox -- are Strivectin SD at $160 a pop and sold out in a week when it was launched in April, and it's competition, Freeze 24/7 is selling like hotcakes for $185.

Dr. Terence Scamp, spokesperson for the Australian Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, performs face lifts and cosmetic procedures every day. He says there's no way any cream can replicate what he does in his surgery. “People still want to believe in a dream and will buy something, even if it doesn't work”, he said.

“There isn't a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist out there going out of business because of any launch of any new anti wrinkle cream”, said Paula Begoun, a former make up artist with a background in science and chemistry. She has made a career out of debunking cosmetic and make up myths and with over 10,000 anti ageing products on the market -- and new ones being launched every day -- she asks how is it possible they all work? “There's not a stitch of research. The research you see in the ads -- our studies 86 per cent of women, 100 women and they give a statistic -- you can't get your hands on these studies”, she said.

But there are some on the market, that can claim to be wonder creams. “Retin A for eg is a cream originally used for acne. Seven years ago FDA approved for anti wrinkles and to be FD approved here, it has to be scientifically proven. It does work and it's not expensive”, Dr. Scamp said.

“Most of the science in these products goes to producing something that's elegant, nice to apply, feels good when you apply it, and the after feel is good -- a lot of good science in that”, Dr. Scamp added.

But that says Dr. Barry Finnin, a cosmetic scientist with a doctorate in the field, is as far as the technology extends. So we sent Dr. Finnin a batch of the latest anti ageing products to evaluate and none of them he says are the answer to a maiden's prayer. “Decreasing the appearance of wrinkles these things might do, but actually getting rid of wrinkles -- no”, he said..Dream Creams