Miracle Underwear

Reporter: Sophie Hull

We've all got something we'd like to improve... But now you can look slimmer... in a matter of seconds. No diet, no gym, no surgery. It's the latest must have... Body shaping underwear. The good news? We've done the hard work for you - tracked down and road tested some of the best buys to target those problem areas - hips, bum, and tummy... And the best bras to enhance your natural assets... Marguerita Ivanchenko from Lin and Barrett Lingerie is giving models Anna and Laura a few handy hints on how to slim down those dreaded lumps and bumps. First the waist...

“Anna's wearing a high waist control brief it's an all in one rather than just having one that stops at the waist which a lot of women feel gives them a muffin top look” Anna says “I think under a little black wrap around dress - it's easy it's not cumbersome it's quite sexy, maybe it's not too matronly, it doesn't feel tight at all it feels like there's room to give there actually so I think it's fine and - it can make you look much smoother“

Laura doesn't need to be slimmed around the waist cause she's so neat but more self conscious about her hip and her top thigh areas, Laura says “it's actually quite supportive and a lot of room to move around, it's got lots of control and lots of lycra so it'll bend and move and Laura will be comfortable but she'll be slimmed down” Those are the tips for the waist and thighs.., but what about bras?

“This is your going out to dinner, low cut dresses feeling like a woman bra... it's actually a bra that shapes it brings her bust in from the side towards the middle of her chest which gives her a lovely cleavage without bulk...”

Anna came in wearing a 14Din one bar which was too small we then took her to a 12G in the minimiser bra and this is a 12E so we've varied the cups according to the cut of the bra the kind of fabric the bra is made from - the shape of the bra and every woman no matter what size can vary between one bra in their wardrobe and another.

So what will we all be buying this summer? Myer have let the girls road test some of their hottest items, so you know what the experts think you should be wearing but these are the latest and most popular things on the market - we've got everything here, slim your waist lift your bottom trim your thighs enhance the cleavage - what's it going to be.. I'll go the bottom lift a: and I'll try the thigh and minimise tummy. Anna's wearing a Jockey Hide and Sleek seamless long leg brief... a great buy for your thighs

Laura is in Bond's Shapers full brief. For that bottom lift..., “I feel a little bit like Bridget Jones but they do what they're meant to do you can feel it” Other best sellers... For your tummy - Jockey's Hide and Sleek seamless g-string. Then once you've taken inches off your thighs - grab the newly released Kayser plunge bra to add inches to your bust. A body makeover - all with minimal effort.