New Flattering Underwear

Reporter: Sophie Hull

It might be a cliche but how many of us haven't wondered at some point... Does my bum look big in this? Underwear that claims it'll make you look slimmer, give yourself a lift - and even help reduce cellulite without a diet book or exercise programme anywhere near. Model Veena Gollup is putting the promises of La Senza's range of body shaping underwear to the test.

First, Veena tries “Anti Cellulite” Underwear – which have micro nutrients within the material so that when you walk it rubs against your skin and gets rid of cellulite. La Senza claims it really does work.

Next - La Senza's mid waist bike short. Meant to lift and firm.

Third: a high-waisted boy leg, a design that focuses particularly on the lower stomach and reduces any bulges for a sleek and smooth finish.

New Idea Editor Leanne Carter believes these could be pretty handy with today's fashions: “for women especially with the new sleeker silhouettes we've got coming out on the high waist and the tight pencil skirt. Women are going to love something like this to you know to help them get the figure they want to achieve”

A new range of underwear by Solidea is just about to hit Australian shores. It's called Micromassage Magic Underwear. And it's clinically tested to actually reduce cellulite. Health and fitness guru Kelly Baker: “they massage your skin, that reduces fluid retention and increases circulation which in turn reduces the appearance of cellulite”.

The weave of the fabric massages your skin while you wear it. clinical trials in Italy studied 100 people over 8 weeks - and showed that for 88% of people - this fabric did help reduce that dreaded orange peel effect.


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