Super Salesmen's Tips

Reporter:Andrea Burns

Paul says “if you bring people to the property in this market, a great price will be achieved” Andy says “there are people buying houses like cans of peas over the past 5 years”

One's style's casual ... the other's corporate, but success is something agents Paul Tonich and Andy Brown share. In the red hot Perth real estate market, these super-agents are sizzling. “It becomes a sport, it becomes a passion, I leave no qualms that I represent owners” Paul Tonich is the current king of WA real estate - ...the top seller in the past three years running. In a business where closing the deal is everything, he's an expert - selling 80 million dollars worth of property in the past 12 months. “It's not just selling the property but bringing a value to the property that's above the market value and that's why we're hired otherwise people would sell the homes themselves”

He might have a Porsche, but that's about where any flashiness Andy Brown has, starts and ends, “my whole objective with my staff is to pick people who get along with people” He'll tell you himself he's an ordinary bloke, who just loves selling homes. “Yeah I enjoy it, its good fun” And Andy's really good at it. Selling almost thirty million dollars worth of real estate this year alone. He was REIWA's top seller for most of the past decade. “Australia's one of the few places in the world where you can own your own home, an average person can buy it and own it by the time they're sixty, a lot of European countries they hand homes down - Japan takes four generations to own their own house”

Paul says “I know myself I consider myself to know the market fairly well after the years in the industry but again there's prices been achieved at the moment that totally blow me away” So if you're selling and keen to maximise your return, what should you do?


1. Don't put a maximum price

2. Don't have "home opens" straight away

3. Open up for 2-3 hours

4. Use the Internet

Paul says don't put a ceiling on the price - desperate buyers may surprise you, “set your price at a from price, let the market decide the value of the property”

Don't have "home opens" straight away - have viewings mid week. Use the home open as a negotiating tool. Buyers may pay more to prevent others from seeing the property. When you do have home opens, make it for up to 3 hours - fewer properties for sale means buyers have to look further a field. “They're saying I'll look at a home in Carine, ocean reef, Duncraig Hamersley, Hillarys Sorrento so their shopping list may be extensive because of the amount of stock on the market but their travelling time has increased“And make use of the internet - have at least 8 quality shots online, or virtual tours - they means buyers' husbands, wives, parents even bank managers can tour a property before they've even set foot inside.


1. Make first impressions count

2. Choose an agent wisely

Andy's selling tips include making first impressions count. De-clutter. Andy what would you recommend in a room like this? well they' done a really good job of tidying it up but it's actually a formal dining and not everyone has kids so I'd suggest to everyone, clear as much clutter away, store it next door or do whatever you can with it, make it like the room it should be. So what sort of a look are you trying to create? Open space and grace. When selecting an agent - , he says go with experience not a cheaper commission. Andy says “one with a good reputation, one that's been around for a little while, so they know prices, know people”


1. First home = stepping stone

2. Family home - bigger IS better

3. Buyers' list - get on it.

4. Pay what its worth.

If you're buying, treat your first home as a stepping stone, it doesn't have to be your dream home, Andy says “2 kids want a four bed two bath two storey with everything in - maybe they should drop it a little bit and don't go broke getting rich” For family homes, go for big, over pretty. “It is very expensive to make it bigger but it's not so expensive to paint it and renovate it, if it's already big”

Get on agents' buyers' list - good properties rarely even get advertised. And don't try to steal the property. Andy says “if it's what you want and it's a good price, just pay it”


1. Do your homework

2. Finance options

3. Form a syndicate

4. What's the motivation?

5. Write a letter

Paul's suggestions include do your homework. “Look at properties under your budget, look at properties over your budget, so you know when you see the right property you feel confident to go for it”

Get finance organised before you go shopping. He says the old bridging finance has given way to more affordable options.

First time buyers - if you were going to rent with mates, why not buy with them? Form a syndicate and all get your foot on the real estate ladder.

Ask agents why the property's for sale. There might be conditions like a long settlement that'll make your offer more attractive.

Write the vendors a letter - if you want to buy the property to be close to schools or family, tell them. It may sway the deal. Sellers Steve and Nicolette like the idea.

Paul says “people generally are nice and when they can see they can sell the house and also help someone, it's a great feeling for everybody” For investment properties, Andy say take your tastes out of it - you don't have to live there, so don't worry about the decor. Location is more important - you'll always be able to rent out somewhere close to shops and transport, so always go for location.

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