How To Burn Off That Burger

Reporter: Rodney Lohse

Nutritionist Dr Tim Crowe said he has been trying to get across the message that fast food is high in fat, salt and sugar for years.
But 30 per cent of Australian's eat fast food at least once a week which might not sound too bad, but if you are not exercising that off then it will cause problems. "The reason why we're concerned mostly about fat is pound for pound it has more kilojoules or calories than sugar, protein or carbohydrates and fast foods are loaded with it," Dr Tim said.

He has decided to point out to Today Tonight just how bad fast food can be. He said one slice of stuffed crust pizza had 13 grams of fat which means three slices will account for your entire recommended daily intake of fat. Worse, a nine piece bucket of fried chucked contains more than 250 grams of fat.

Chris Mathews runs Active Lifestyle - a mobile personal training company based in Melbourne – and he has claimed most people do not realise just how much exercise you need to do if you do not watch what you eat. He said one meal of battered fish and chips is loaded with calories and will take some serious movement to burn them off. "We've got Scotty, a personal trainer, now running to burn the fish in a serve of fish an chips off," Chris said. Scott would need to job for an hour to burn off a serve of chips alone. But he'd also need to run for a further 30 minutes to burn off what's in that fish.

He said it would take three hours running at a very fast pace to run off a large tub of Chinese special fried rice.Chris said some foods were a dieting disaster. For example, a Hungry Jack's Whopper with double beef has a whopping 58 grams of fat. You would have to sprint for an hour to burn the calories in a Whopper burger. Chris said even for Scott who is supremely fit sprinting for an hour is simply not possible.Even the so-called healthy Subway has subs with their fair share of fat.

Chris said that Scott would have to exercise for 60 minutes to burn the calories in the Subway chicken."If it's a 12 inch you'd have to do it for an hour," Chris said."You really do have to watch what you're eating."

For a slice of pizza, you need to do 30 minutes of circuit training.

One piece of KFC chicken will require 30 minutes of running to burn off.

A Big Mac from McDonalds will need an hour and half of easy cycling to burn.

But Dr Tim has one other tip for lovers of junk food who just cannot say no."One of the biggest rules you should follow with fast food is don't ever upsize and avoid combo meals," Dr Tim said."Some of these fast food meals, if you add coke and french fries it meets all of their energy needs for the day in one meal whatever you do don't upsize it's a lot of calories in one meal."