Dress For All Occasions

REPORTER: Sonia Kruger

It could be a one-dress wardrobe, so you will never again need to say "I don't have a thing to wear". The dress might look complicated, but Daily Telegraph fashion editor Holly Byrnes said there was no need to worry. "It comes with a 'unique accessory', and that is an instructional DVD which tells you how to maneouvre and master the 100 designs," she said.

"It comes as a basic jersey with arms that are adaptable, so you can tie it around your neck as a halter style, you can wrap it around your chest as a strapless number, there are Grecian toga twists that you can apply." The styles seemed limited only by the imagination. "When you are going to make a big purchase, you do this ratio of cost per wear," Holly said.

"So if you wear it a number of times, it is not as expensive as the big price tag would suggest. With this dress, it's something like $300 a wear, so it's a bargain." But will this kind of dress go out of fashion? Holly thinks that as fashion dictates changes from one season to the other, the dress might be able to keep up. "This dress can move with fashions, so 30 years down the track, it is adapting with fashion as fashion changes," she said.

Last year, another fashion miracle hit our shores: the Galaxy dress. It was designed to do what previously only cosmetic surgery could: suck in the waist, shave inches off the thighs and pump up the cleavage. The dress sold out around the world, but despite its enormous success, the Galaxy is no longer in production. It was so popular, his fashion investors who bank rolled his label wanted to put the dress back into production," Holly said of the Galaxy's designer."But being a designer at that high end, he wanted to keep it exclusive and elusive for just a few of his privileged customers."

The Galaxy might be gone, but for another universally flattering frock, look no further than the 'wrap'. Diane von Furstenberg made history in 1972 with the launch of her signature jersey wrap dress. Since then, more than five million have been sold worldwide. The popularity of the dress shows no signs of slowing down. Roxy Jacenko from fashion PR firm Sweaty Betty said one of the reasons the wrap dress was so hot was that everybody in tinseltown was wearing one. "It is definitely a staple for all of the celebrities," Roxy said. "Paris Hilton, Teri Hatcher and Madonna, just to name a few." "I don't think there is a celebrity in Hollywood at the moment who doesn't have this dress." Roxy explained in technical terms what made the dress a must-have.

"The dress is cut on the bias," she said. "Most of them are also made out of a jersey fabric, which is also very flattering on the figure." "It also crossed over the body, which creates a great silhouette."But if you want one, you had better move fast. "People will line up for the new collection when it hits," Roxy said."It has become a wardrobe staple and they really look forward to getting the new colours for the season."

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Here is a list of retailers of the Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress around Australia . Diane Von Furstenberg is also stocked by David Jones Nationally. General enquiries: (02) 9669 9700. The publicists are Sweaty Betty: www.sweatybettypr.com

Christensen Copenhagen - (02) 93289755
Curve Mosman - (02) 9969 7578
Orson and Blake - (02) 9326 1155
Maria Finlay Double Bay - (02) 9363 2619
Robby Ingham - (02) 9332 2124

Avanti - (07) 47714799
Emporio Guardi - (07) 5591 6148
Kim Hodges Design - (07) 32687432
Madison Integrity - (07) 3221 4449

Della Spiga - (03) 98269201
Tinky - (03) 5222 8888

Elle Boutique - (08) 9386 6868

Francesca Boutique - (08) 8272 4443
Platinum - (08) 8367 0477