Reporter: Graeme Butler

Karen says “they've been trying to make contact with us for well over 50 years in fact they have been successful“ John Happs says “we're not going to say no we have never been visited by aliens. All we're asking is and it's a simple request just show us the evidence please not in the form of a blurred image”

Karen says “I've done the research I've talked to people I'm talking about people of high standing in the community commercial airline pilots, nuclear physicists we have emergency room physicians people from all walks of life that are actually witnessing this” It's a question as old as time itself - are we alone? There are plenty of people who believe we're not and the evidence they say is all around us. Strange lights in the night sky - close encounters with visitors from space.Karen says “if you're asking me if I've seen a circular UFO hovering above my house - no I haven't. If you're asking me if I've seen events or anomalies that I can't explain that emanate anywhere on this planet then yes I have seen that” Karen Ong is a sort of UFO hunter. She's leading a group of Perth believers on a quest to try and make contact with visitors from space and before you can say crackpot, Karen is serious and she's heard the doubters before. “What do you say to the people who think you're a nutter? I don't care what people think of me anymore I really have got beyond that. In fact I had a colleague who said to me Karen I'd be very careful who you speak to about this because people are going to question your credibility well I've gone beyond worrying about what people think”

Karen has trained with UFO groups in the US and heads the study centre of extraterrestrial technology and life in W.A. She's agreed to let us join her latest quest to make contact. We're about 3 hours north of Perth and Karen is scoping out potential sites for the night's search. “What ever location we have we need to ensure there's enough distance between us and them, even though we don't have the advantage of the height we do have good peripheral we do we have a good 360 degree views and I do like the fact that we are a bit secluded from the township so we're not going to get any light pollution from there”

Karen says there is a lot of UFO activity in W.A – we have photos taken just weeks ago over the city. It was only after the photo was snapped the strange black objects were noticed, and also ones taken in Bunbury 3 years ago. The photographer was shooting the sunset when lights appeared in the sky. What are they? Well that's up to you. Head of the sceptics society John Happs thinks he knows, “the photographs that I've just seen tell me absolutely nothing I see lights in the sky they're blurred and they're like a thousand other so called UFO photographs that I've seen”

If you were ever looking for a place on earth that looks like something from out of this world this would have to be it it's the pinnacles desert and you could imagine aliens feeling quite at home here well the place that has been selected for tonight is not that far away. The location is away from the nearest town to avoid light pollution... the group settle in to watch the skies it's going to be a long night.

Karen says “a couple of people have had unusual experiences that they can't put a finger on but we do have one person here that has had her own experiences so she' very eager to make more contact“ Chris Watson is that person. The Perth mum says she's often visited by alien creatures, and she doesn't care what people think of her claims, “I was fully awake when a light came through my window into my bedroom and then these little persons followed it and stood in the bedroom with me”

Chris says she's experienced what many others have reported - creatures like these - greys visiting her bedroom. Sceptics remain just as convinced the experiences can be explained and are nothing more than sleep paralysis along with hallucinations or dreaming try telling that to Chris. No doubt in your mind? None at all none at all totally comfortable with it now I think there's some big venture ahead for us as a planet” says Chris.

Tony says “more recently there seems to have been an increase in sighting of lights global lights that change colour we watch them very closely because it's quite fascinating to see these things” Tony Lambert is a local who says he and others have often seen lights that can't easily be explained. What are you expecting tonight? Expecting I'm not sure at all we're very hopeful we might get some signals some of the lights I mentioned earlier we're had an interaction with those by flashing a torch instantly go a response”

And that means we have to lose our lights - the vision you see is shot with a night vision camera. The camera can see - but to the naked eye everything here is pitch black - we wait... “That seems to be moving to me or is that my eyes”

Maybe swept up in the excitement or maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me but I could see a strange light moving on the horizon, it appeared to move up and down. “The only way it can be a plane is if it's going away it's got green as well what I've got isn't moving though what I've got is quite big” But my close encounter wasn't to be - the light was from another world but easily explained. ”It could be a star rising and you've got the heat from the ground causing that effect I can see it moving I can see it moving look are we looking at something different”

We then playing some beeping sounds, Karen says “what we're hearing is actually synthesised recreation of actual tones that were recorded in crop circles part of the protocols is that if we feel we are going to get some kind of activity of even just throughout the night to draw attention to ourselves we can put these tones on and hopefully get some kind of activity happening, we don't know what it is unless it starts signalling back it could be anything so hence the signalling to make sure it if is any type of intelligence it will signal us back” But tonight there was no signal back - ET never phoned home and the only thing coming down was the temperature and that was dropping fast. We left the searchers to it... aliens one - earthlings nil.

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