Worst Foods

Producer: Sarah Stinson

Nutritionist Sharon Natoli, talked us through the worst five foods for your health....

1. Fried Chicken

2. French Fries

3. Sausage Rolls

4. Donuts and Cream Cakes

5. Processed Meats

Number five would be processed meats, things like salami, bacon with the fat on it, you know, hotdogs those types of things where you're not getting really a lot of meat you're getting a lot of fat - saturated fat, a lot of salt. So you're really not getting the iron and zinc that you'd get from fresh red meats so that would be number 5.

The fourth worst food you can eat would be things like donuts and cream cakes, things that are really high in fat and high in sugar. An average serving you'd get 8 to 10 teaspoons of sugar and 4 to eight teaspoons of fat.

Number three would be something like sausage rolls, you've got the processed meat in the middle and it's encased within the fatty pastry casing so you're getting quite a lot of fat in there, quite a lot of saturated fat as well and quite a lot of salt its really not good for your health, not good for your heart, not good for your blood vessels.

Number two is probably French fries that you buy from a place where the oil's been used and re used and you walk in and you can smell that sort of stale fat smell 5.36 It mean the fat that they're cooked in is very high in saturated fat and trans fats, they're both really bad for heart disease and cholesterol.

Fried chicken would probably be the worst thing that you could eat. When you look at the nutritional content of a large fried chicken breast, then you're getting half of your days kilojoules requirements in one go, all of your fat requirements and more than what you need in terms of saturated fat which is the bad type of fat, plus the salt, so there's a lot of baddies in there. You're much better of to choose a roast chicken and take the skin off for sure.