Bad Breath

Reporter: Chris Simond

'Halitosis' or 'bad breath' is an embarrassing condition that quite often its owners are totally unaware of, even their best friends won't tell them.

Dentist Dr Geoffrey Speiser says bad breath, a breakdown of proteins by bacteria in the mouth, is a condition with serious social implications. It can lead to depression, relationship breakdowns, even worse. ""We'll get people that send us emails saying they want to kill themselves, people that will put down failures in their lives and careers to the fact they have bad breath" says Dr Speiser. "30% of the population would be chronic long term sufferers and the problem will get worse, the older you get."

That's around 6 million of us who may reach for a strong mouthwash to fix the problem but their strong alcohol content can make the condition even worse as Lyn Pannan found. "I found that they burnt my mouth and left my mouth much dryer." "Dry mouth' can be a major issue for sufferers of bad breath and Lyn, a massage therapist was concerned her clients may notice.

"I was very conscious, I was conscious that I didn't want to have this problem and I needed to address it" said Lyn. Like many sufferers Lyn underwent saliva and breath tests at Dr Speiser's 'Bad Breath Clinic' confirming the cause had little to do with poor oral hygiene or diet.

A breakthrough treatment has now been formulated to include bacteria that actually fight and control the condition, a concept originally developed in New Zealand and endorsed following studies at Harvard University.

"We have developed a mouthwash that prepares the tongue to accept this bacteria" says Dr Speiser. "It enables you to rub it into the tongue's surface and physically, manually remove the coating that contain the bacteria living on the tongue's surface generally you'll see results from the first time you use the product, simply because you're removing so much bacteria."

"The products are just so good I just cannot use normal tooth paste you buy at the supermarket any more... [so this is an alternative to toothpaste?] As well yes" says Lyn. "Well the programme to maintain about $40 a month [consider that good value?]... well yes if its addressing the problem and its giving you a lot more confidence" says Lyn.

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