Jordan says “I have an awesome relationship with my mum and I would pray that she would never do that because she has trust”

Gary says “as a parent myself, I would like to know, to find out exactly what my children are up to”

Sarah says “I'd be really hurt if she thought I was on drugs and she didn't come to me and ask me”

Thousands of Australian teenagers fall victim to drugs every year. Too many futures stolen by addiction, lives lost, families shattered.

Gary says “people just want to know for sure if their child is maybe taking illicit drugs”

Businessman Gary Miller claims he has the test to give parents one hundred per cent accurate, scientific proof, using just a sample of hair.

“Gary, how many hairs do you actually need? we need approximately 20-50 hairs , which is what you've got here.. This is a perfect example> and how much history will it give, each centimetre will give approximately one month. One centimetre one month, two centimetres two months - three, three months - and is that the maximum? Yes”

If your child has used anything, from marijuana to heroin, speed, even cocaine in the past three months, you'll know. Already doing a booming business in paternity testing, Gary Miller says the cost of hair drug testing in a lab, will start at one hundred dollars to test for one drug, sixty dollars extra for every subsequent substance.

Gary says “it's down to the parents, it's down to the individual, and I'm just offering our services to the Australian public who want to find out whether their child's taking drugs”

There's no age limit - that'd mean even primary school age children could be tested. And, parents wouldn't need to get a teenager's permission because they're already the legal guardian.

Gary says “there's no right or wrong, if a parent wants to find out whether their child is taking drugs, well they have the right to know. Until that child is 18 years old and is its own consenting adult then the parent has responsibility over that child to put him down the right track”

These teenagers say it shouldn't be necessary. Leila and Helene are in their last year of high school, yet they're already mums. They hope they will never have to get their sons tested.

“I personally would like to think my son would be able to talk to me but I don't know how other things are going to affect his maturity at that age”

Leila says “I just really hope he understands what he's doing and that he feels he can come to me if he needs to because it would break my heart if he went down a path of that much self destruction”

Tony trimmingham says “what we find is, if parents become too controlling and too directive, generally it leads to worse outcomes” Family Drug Support founder Tony Trimingham's own son died of a heroin overdose but he says hair testing wouldn't have been the solution in his family.

“What would have saved my son's life is me having more understanding of heroin and the treatments that were available and having more access to support and services“

He says parents checking up, risk alienating children already in the firing line.

Applications for regulatory approval are currently being considered. If successful, the kit could be available in 6 to 12 months. Gary Miller believes employers will be the other big part of his market - and says safety over-rides privacy.” would you be happy to go onto a plane knowing that the pilot had been taking cocaine?”

Paternity tests are currently available.

Hair drug testing is awaiting regulatory approval and is expected to be available within 6-12 months.

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