22 Dec 2005, 04:36:15 PM

Reporter: Susan Couhbor

Co-author of the best-selling CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, Dr Manny Noakes, said you can now enjoy a delicious and amazingly guilt-free Christmas dinner.

There is only one jolly fat person you want to see this Christmas and it's not the one looking in the mirror when you step on the bathroom scales!

Well, worry no more ... according to Dr Manny Noakes, co-author of the best-selling 'CSIRO Total Well-being Diet', you can now enjoy a delicious and amazingly guilt-free Christmas dinner.

The controversial total-wellbeing diet, promoting a high protein, low fat eating plan, has been flying off the shelves since its release. So far, selling over half-a-million copies in Australia, alone.

They keep asking us for more recipes and obviously the recent request was for Christmas recipes. They were on a roll and just wanted to keep eating really healthy foods right through the Christmas period.

And these new recipes you won't find in the book - they've just been released in time for Christmas, and with the help of Adelaide celebrity chef Dorinda Hafner, Manny Noakes is tonight served to our licky group of taste testers.

These recipes are basically consistent with being high protein, low in fat.

“There is absolutely no reason why you can't give yourself a treat with this sort of thing. This is gourmet eating at a slimming level, you know what I mean?”

The recipes are a great place to start but of course, Christmas isn't just Christmas day - there's days before and days after.

Adelaide dietitian Caron Milham says the average person will gain three-kilos over the festive season but says you can still have a fabulous time, without putting on an inch. “The first thing is to limit indulgences, try not to get things you find you can't manage into the house too soon, otherwise, you may eat them before the visitors arrive.”

And most seem to agree, that if you are hankering for a high calorie treat, then go for it - just don't eat the whole box.

“Foods like mince pies, I mean, they're great ... But those pastries really do pile on the kilojoules. So the idea is, if you really love those kinds of foods, have much smaller amounts” says Manny.

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet by Manny Noakes and Peter Clifton is $29.95, ISBN: 014300414X.