07 Jun 2004, 04:18:59 PM

Reporter: Dr John D'Arcy

Between then, Natalie and Allison have lost 70 kilograms and it's all due to the low Glycemic diet we call the Kick Start Diet.

It is 12 months since Today Tonight revealed the simplicity of the Kick Start Diet -- a low Glycemic, moderate lean protein, healthy fat and activity plan.

Kick Start begins with soup - a motivational tool which will nourish and sustain while you teach your system a few new tricks. But it's not just soup. It is a two-week eating plan with a few no nos - no bread; no booze; no heart clogging saturated fat. Then it is over to a gentle weight loss program which will change your life.

Natalie Stathis, almost 22 was a pupil at the Australian Academy of Dramatic Art. She found herself playing the parts of people much older than her years. "I was so heavy, I didn't have any energy -- my body wasn't in good condition and my look suffered", she said. She can't believe the difference.

Allison Streher has lost over 30 kilos and knows her eating plan is just part of the weight loss equation. She has teamed up with fitness trainer Erica French for a few activity hints. It's hard to believe Allison has come so far.

For both Natalie and Allison it wasn't just following a diet, it was living it.

Dietician Geraldine Georgeou has worked with both girls during their weight loss adventure. She says it is necessary to "Understand about life style and living it is the key".

In 2004, the Kick Start Winter energy diet and eating and action plan will help you lose weight and gain energy. It's all about balancing your nutritional budget by eating slowly digested carbohydrates called low GI, lean animal protein, and enjoying the healthy benefits of vegetable proteins and oils.

It's about simple digestion. The slower fuel enters the blood system the better it will be. Kick Start helps you use the fat flushing foods that go easy on your system and by smarter shopping, it won't cost you a motza.

And, it works.

Dr. John says the Kick Start Winter Diet book is available at Newsagents for $5.95, called KICKSTART or Part One in New Idea this week.