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Your Money and Consumer Reports

Milk Study
The supposed health benefits of A2 milk compared with normal milk has raised debate for the past two years. With demand for the A2 type now at an all time high, a leading food authority has performed a study to clear up the confusion.
Cellulite Breakthrough
Finally, there appears to be a major breakthrough in the fight against cellulite. A new treatment allows the cellulite to simply melt away and it's been heralded as a world first with no false promises and no gimmicks.
Big Models
Now to the sister act that's making a big impact on the modelling world. Although a little bit larger than the average catwalk queens, this pair's out to prove size doesn't really matter and they're now making more money than some of the country's top models.
Red Cross Early Intervention Program
The Perth programme helping desperate parents deal with wayward kids as young as two years old. Red Cross are so determined to turn those little terrors into little angels, they will come to your home, for free.
Nits Epidemic
They're back...and on the march in a playground near you. Nits are the terror of the classroom year after year. We show you the best treatments available to stamp them out.
Weightloss Milkshake
The milkshake backed by doctors and being hailed as a breakthrough in weightloss treamtent.
Cholesterol Treatment
Now, the tablet that could save your life. It fights cholesterol, and has had great results preventing heart disease and diabetes.
Tinnitus, is ringing in the ears. For people who have got it, it's a sound that can drive you mad. Until now, there has been very little you could do about it. But in a world first breakthrough, Perth researchers have found a treatment that is, quite literally, music to the ears.
Macular Degeneration - Brian Bury
Retired weatherman and entertainer is blaming his failing eyesight on margarine and wants every family to know the dangers.
Back Pain Treatment
For millions of Australians with backpain, neckpain, and arthritis pain it's a case of coping as best they can. But there could be an answer. It's a new device that is apparently so successful Olympic athletes are backing it.