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ADHD Computer
In a world first, Murdoch University has invented a computer program to diagnose ADHD. However, what they're finding is that alarmingly almost forty percent of children tested don't have the condition.
Potting Mix Dangers
Recent deaths are again being linked to the contents of some of australia's most popular garden products. Our exclusive investigation looks at the lethal contents being used in some products.
Green Tea
You might want to make yourself a cup of tea as soon as you've read this. new research shows 'green' tea can reduce the risk of women dying from ovarian cancer by a staggering sixty percent, while ordinary black tea can help beat alzhiemers.
Arthritis Alternative Treatments
More than three million Australians suffer from some form of arthritis and warnings over popular drugs have had many looking for no risk alternatives. There is natural relief available and users of these treatments say the results are incredible.
Shop Walkers
Most women love to shop - and we love a bargain. But what if your quest for the best price could actually help you lose weight. Die hard shoppers at Whitford City Shopping Centre have turned the mall into an excercise hall.
Dairy Diet
There's good news for lovers of milk and cheese. New research conducted here in Perth shows the calcium in dairy products can actually help fight flab.
Cement Backs
We use it on roads, in buildings, and on footpaths - but now cement is being used for treating backpain.
Food Poisoning
A timely warning from a food poisoning victim. A young mother of four who's now having to rebuild her entire body after eating rotten salami.
School Diet
Just what do food additives and preservatives really do to children's behaviour and intelligence? One school decided it to find out. All food containing any type of additive or preservative was banned and within days behaviours and schoolwork improved dramatically.
Lap Band
Paul McDonald is a man who's prepared to put his life on the line to make health authorities listen.. paul, who weighs a staggering 175 kilos, began a hunger strike today claiming authorities are ignoring the chronically obese