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Family Health and Your Money

Feeding a Family
Today Tonight has prepared Shopping Hints, Menus and Recipes to feed your family more cheaply.
West Australians eat more fruit than people in any other state or territory, and we have the second highest intake of vegetables, but it's still not enough to keep us healthy.
Microwave Tests
80% of households in Australia have microwave ovens. But, how safe are they.
Homework Tips
1. Draw up a timetable 2. Take notes 3. Make the most of classtime 4. Study for 20-30mins & then reveiw what you've done. 5. Short list of specific goals for each subject. Distractions like computer games & phone calls are a no-no says Psychologist Dr Jim Elliott
5 years ago, liquid handwashes were introduced in the past 2 years they've been putting the squeeze on the traditional cake of soap.
Best Beds
Do It Yourself Fashion
Fuel Savers
Save money at the pump - up to $300 a year, by using a small mechanical device and new fuel additive.
Home Heater Test
Some room heaters work like magic, yet others leave you cold.
Butter Tests
In your supermarket dairy case there is a baffling array of butters, margarines and spreads.