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Family Health and Your Money

Takeaway food put to the test
Oh how we love fast food, in particular sandwiches, hot chips and burgers. But there is now a swing towards Asian take-away, with Chinese, Thai and sushi rapidly becoming more popular - but how healthy are they?
Fruit and Vege Survey 2003
We visited Fruit and Vege sections of supermarkets across Perth to find out how prices compared.
Paul Truebody is selling his idea on the street. He is selling insurance for penalties, fines and infringements.
Fish and Chips are a family favourite. But, there's more to Fish and Chips than batter and sizzle. Just ask the folks from Kailis Fishmarket and Cafe in Freo. The fishing industry says they have the best fish and chips in town.
Supermarket Survey March 2003
Last week we visited 12 supermarkets across Perth to find who was cheapest. We bought the same trolley of groceries we've surveyed since 1995.
Vacuum Tests
Upright or barrel cleaner; power brush or bagless – when it comes to vacuum cleaners there is a myriad of prices to choose from.
Smoke Alarms
The peace of the night is cut by the ear splitting scream of a small device we depend on to save lives - smoke detectors. An early warning system that provides valuable minutes often the difference between life and death. But you're not going to believe this - kids sleep through them.
Washing Detergent Tests
As any shopper knows, detergents can eat up the budget so it pays to make sure you buy the product that does the job best. But which is better, a liquid or a powder?
Water-Wise Rebates
WA's water shortage is at crisis point. Now the government is giving water users an incentive to save our most precious resource and save money.
Cheapest Phone Deals
A simple scheme that claims to guarantee huge savings on your home and business telephone bills has customers around the nation crowing. GTSMART is the brainchild of 21-year-old communications broker, Tim Holt.