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Family Health and Your Money

It may not be what you want to hear.... This summer we are going to swelter. Forecasters have gazed into their crystal balls and say the next few months for Perth will be hotter than usual.
Stranger Danger Device
There's good reason for this type of product to be released. 650 children vanish every year, one or two abducted every day. Kid Tracker can give parents a fighting chance.
Just how easy is it to get the best shoe for you? How much do sales assistants know about what they're selling? Today Tonight went undercover. We surveyed ten stores to find who offered the best service and the right advice...
Buying, maintaining, collecting and replacing the nation's trolley fleet is costing supermarketers $150 million each year. Since installing 'trackguard' supermarkets have found that not one trolley has gone missing.
Is your leg wax stripping you of hard-earned cash? Are you paying a pretty price for your preening? We surveyed fifteen salons from Joondalup to Spearwood and east to Gosnells and uncovered some massive price differences.
Teeth Whitening
The whiter and brighter, the better. Manufacturers of toothpastes have long tapped in to our desire for a dazzling smile.
Why is it that tradesmen seem to work in a different time zone to the rest of us?
Internet Fraud
The invisible defrauder, caught red-handed by our cameras.
Screws, Bolts, Nuts and Fuses
School Bullies