29 Sep 2004, 08:49:43 AM

Reporter: Sophie Hull

Who could forget Harry Hoyer? The humble farmer who made a promise nobody could believe, "I'm going to give away 21 of these brand new cars to Australia's safest drivers!"

And across Australia last week, Harry came good on his offer.

Last year Harry pledged to give away a brand new car worth $30,000 each, to a driver in each state with a clean record.

Its all part of Harry's 3 year plan. He's giving away 7 more cars away every year for the next three years any driver with a license can enter. The only catch, you had to be infringement free for a whole year, no loss of points, no tickets, no accidents.

Harry Hoyer is the real deal. An unbelievable success story. Brain damaged at 25, after an horrific motor vehicle accident, he was left in a coma for a month and faced years of rehabilitation to learn how to walk and talk again.

"My mother was told I would never walk and no one knew or made comment about brain damage."

Its Harry's second chance at life that has inspired his forty year dream to improve safety on our roads. An amazing act of generosity from a man who can only be described as an inspiration.

"Knowing what I've been through I would hope other people would have a go."

And they did. Harry's website had hundred's of thousands of entries from drivers all over the country, logging onto Harry's website and registering with Harry's driver safety website:

A year on, the winners have been picked. For many it will be the first time they've won anything, for Harry it will be the first time he's been around the country.

Harry's first stop? Melbourne where a young man is about to receive the surprise of his life...

Like all the winners, Michael Eadie thought he was one of 8 finalists to be drawn out of a raffle at the local dealer. "I'd like to thank you very very much Harry!"

The next winner? 21 year old Renee Hedges from South Australia.

Harry's next stop was Hobart. 18 year old Georgina Wick's is about to celebrate her first year on the road with a new set of wheels.

Harry's next car drop? Perth and the workplace of young Michael Roder. He's been on the road for one year and because of his clean record, the next few will be behind the wheels of a new car.

Brisbane way there's a family of Tongan's with something new to crow about, thanks to big daddy Steve's impeccable record.

And in NSW, Heidi Veitch was another touched by Harry's generosity.

Next Year's DRIVEWELL entries open on 1st November 2004. To enter log on to <>