29 Oct 2004, 04:44:20 PM

Reporter: Paul Makin

It appears to be as easy as 4321 to lose weight and detox at the same time with the arrival in Australia of a new juice. More than 5 million of these tiny bottles of terrific tonic have been sold in Europe, now its Australias turn.

Pharmacist Gerald Quigley says 4321 is completely natural; "I think its one of the better products that genuinely work.it uses herbs to cleanseand there is a herb in there to energise."

Naturopath Holly Leadbetter agrees "products like 4321 work by increasing another form of metabolism called thermogenesis where we actually increase the demand for the body to make heatand to burn off fat cells."

Katherine Ready has agreed to help us in our Today Tonight ten day test of 4321 and won't make any changes to her already healthy diet and will continue her favourite exercise - walking. "I feel I'm outside my healthy weight range and that's why I want to give this product a go."

Meanwhile Today Tonight viewers will remember Tony Ferguson who first appeared on the program with a product called Opti-fast. Tony reports great success with his own Aussie version and has one thousand people on the weight loss program with amazing stories of kilo shedding.

One of his pupils is Chris Hobbs who used to weigh 297 kilos but has lost 39 kilos with Fergos fat fighter. Tony reports that 3000 people are waiting for new stock to arrive.

4321 will be available at chemists and health food stores soon.

For more information on 4321 detox and weight loss tonic, please call Arkopharma Australia on 1800 088 588 or visit their website: ww.arkopharma.com.au

Tony ferguson can be contacted on (02) 4721 2422