22 Nov 2004, 04:00:29 PM

Reporter: Graeme Butler

Jennifer believes she has a twin sister. A twin sister who probably doesn't know Jennifer even exists. She believes her father gave one child away because his wife couldn't cope. Jennifer was told the baby died - but she doesn't believe it.

She says that one of her aunties visited their home when she was younger and she remembers her discussing with her dad the fact that Jennifers mother wasn't coping with raising her. Jennifer says that her dad replied saying, “No one will ever tell me I did the wrong thing, she can't even cope with one baby let alone two. No one will ever tell me I did the wrong thing.”

“Back in the 1950s all sorts of things happened and it's possible that the paperwork was done without correct names or without the signatures required,” Jennifer said.

Isabelle Andrews from Adoption Jigsaw WA says Jennifer's case is not as far fetched as it might at first seem,

“There's extraordinary examples of things that have happened. Needle in a haystack type things that. Things that you'd never expect so I don't ever discount any possibility,” she said.

Jennifer was born on January 31, 1951, at King Edward memorial hospital.

She's hoping someone will come forward to fill in the gaps - maybe her missing sister who she believes is also called Jenny.

“My twin would not know that she had a twin,” Jennifer said.

“She would have been taken on by a family who couldn't have children or possibly couldn't have a girl.”

If you can help Jennifer contact us or jigsaw WA on 9388 1922 www.jigsaw.org.au