2005 STARS

31 Dec 2004, 01:40:21 PM

Reporter: Andrea Burns

If it's felt like a tough year, clairvoyant Tracey Godfrey says don't panic - a rotten ten year cycle is about to end and good times are on their way.

The Perth astrologer, who has recently written her first book, says according to the stars many or us will be happier and more successful than we've been for ages.

It's not exactly footy weather, but admit it, it's never far from our minds.

Tracey predicts both the Eagles and Dockers will make the final four. But she particularly likes Freo's chances... perhaps even as premiers.

“It's their year, if they're going to do well, it's in 2005,” she said.

To politicsand with a state election on the way, her hunch is, we'll be getting a new premier.

“I think Colin Barnett has a very good chance of winning; I think people are not happy with the way certain things are going so I think we're going to be in for a change there,” she said.

She sees Geoff Gallop leaving public life and pursuing a life in teaching or writing.

Federally, if the last election wasn't enough to convince John Howard to stay, it seems the stars also believe he'll be in the Lodge for a while.

“He has no plans to leave anywhere at this point in time,” Tracey said.

“His health is good, he's feeling quite good about his life.

“I actually think Mark Latham will go and I think Mark is someone who plans long term so I think he's already started making plans.”

Tracey also believes there'll be some rings on royal fingers.

“I think William could announce an engagement,” Tracey said.

“She will be from overseas, I actually think it'll be someone who comes from Africa or South Africa.”

Tracey also says there will be more news from the Royal house of Denmark.

“I feel that Princess Mary may have a few problems conceiving although I can see twins at some point for her,” she said.

Closer to home she thinks Rose's love shack will finally sell.

“I actually think Rose Porteous will have a buyer from overseas for her house and then I believe she's going to spend some time overseas, so I think we may not see Rose for a while,” she said.

And for our Tina... happy times.

“A very happy year with some surprises and a lot of anticipation and I think she's ready to move forward with some of her goals.”

Tracey Godfrey's new book is called “Signs of Life”. It's available by phoning the Community Newspaper Group on 13 20 13, or by logging on to her website at traceygodfrey.com