04 Apr 2005, 03:59:43 PM

Reporter: Andrea Burns

Broome ... one of the hottest destinations in tourism. Tropical... beautiful... and local.

Kylie Minogue, Elle Macpherson, Baz Luhrman are just some of the names who have holidayed here, staying at the elegant and exclusive Cable Beach Club Resort.

Filling the beds isn't the problem... getting staff to make them is.

According to John Woodworth, manager of Cable Beach Resort, his company is going to extraordinary lengths to find employees.

“Whereas we used to have people knocking our door down to work for us now we have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in trying to recruit every year,” he said.

With peak season fast approaching John says he has jobs that desperately need to be filled.

His solution? A multimillion dollar resort down the road which his staff could rent accommodation cheap.... very cheap.

“The beer's cold and so is the pool but they're not the only attractions at this resort,” John said. “For the staff who live here, water and power are free and the company subsidised rents range between just $60 to $110 a week.”

Queenslander Sandra Hart is one of the happy tenants.

Arriving in January this year her original plan was to only stay until the start of April but with such an attractive offer from her employers she now plans to stick around until October

Chef Andrew Wise says the cheap accommodation is a good perk, but believes the job opportunities also justify the move north. He left one of Melbourne's best restaurants to run his own dining room at Cable Beach Club.

“I decided it was time for a change and here was a good opportunity and it was inside Australia,” he said

Professionally satisfying, but also fun.

“Here you live and you eat and you drink with every body so you'll know the front office manager, or you'll know the housekeepers, you know everybody like your best mates, it's really good,” he said.

Jobs in everything from housekeeping up are available but chef positions are particularly hard to fill. Cable Beach has even brought in three from China.

Recruitment company boss Sandy Daniels says Cable Beach is not alone, bringing in outsiders to fill Aussie jobs.

Sandy says some companies are even travelling abroad, interviewing pools of potential staff members, organising visas, and bringing them here. It's not an easy or cheap option, but Sandy says the staff are good, and bosses don't have a choice.

So, 20 jobs in paradise up for grabs...good dollars, cheap rent, very cheap rent...and in your spare time you can relax on one of the best beaches in the world...any takers?

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