12 May 2005, 04:00:50 PM

Reporter: Andrea Burns

It used to be that a mum was a housewife OR a business woman...and nothing in between. But these days, women juggle being a mum, a wife and running a business from home. Not because they have to but because they choose to... and they love it..

"When you really enjoy something you've got to make it work!" Liza.

Meet Liza, Mum of Jasmine and Luke and the face of Twisted Sister Jewellery. She doesn't see her job as work...

"I am working around the clock but because I enjoy it so much I don't feel that it's working -it's just a pure passion for me."

That passion and creativity has turned her unique hand made jewellery work into a successful party plan business.

"Everything is hand made with love and passion."

Running the business from home, and fitting into her kids' schedules, Liza sometimes has to resort to drumming up business while doing the daily chores.

"Once I started running the business you have to basically learn not to stress out, your house has got to be lived in - it can't be a palace all of the time," Liza.

"I wasn't able to just stay at home and be a mum as much as I love doing that I had the need to do other things," Renee.

For 28 year old Renee having her 2 year old son Isaiah couldn't slow her dream to start her pet product range Shampucci.

"I've always been an ideas person and that was no different once my son came along," Renee.

Working out a balance with running a business and entertaining a toddler has its days, but it's manageable.

"You can't just get up in the morning and work all day on something - it's really intermittent so you have to work around them," Renee.

After running two successful grooming salons Renee realised there was a niche in the market for salon quality products.

"When you are running a salon, you are wanting to use a really good product when so you get that salon quality finish so that's how it started looking into something for me to use and it went from there, and now the public have a quality product available to them and it's made locally," Renee.

With an active 2 year old to consider, daily chores and deliveries, and with new products on the horizon the secret is to be organised and prioritise your time.

"Isaiah always comes first, I always make sure he's happy and always do everything with him first and then the business and because I work from home it's possible to keep it all going," Renee.

"It gets a bit hectic sometimes, I find I don't have enough hours in the day," Jennifer.

Jennifer has been running Plum Gifts from home well before she was a mum, and now with three gorgeous girls, she manages it all ...and the business has never been better.

"I try and keep my family life as separate from my business life as I can. I take the kids to school and I work from the time I drop them off til the time I pick them up doing my hampers," Jennifer.

Making up custom design gift hampers from home suits Jennifer's clients and her family.

"It gives me a lot of flexibility, I can still be there if there is something on at school and my clients know that can call me at 8 o'clock at night for a late order," Jennifer.

But there are more benefits than just the flexibility of working from home.

"It does my retail therapy for me without actually buying anything for myself!" Jennifer.

But like everything in a busy day, something's always got to give...

"I have someone that cleans the house, somebody that pulls the weeds in my garden and that sort of thing," (laughs) Jennifer.

And on the title of being a super mum?

"I think everyone that can juggle is a super mum in their own way," Jennifer.

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